One of the most important and yet taken for granted part of the home is the garden. While most homeowners place much of their focus on the interior space, it is also a must to show the same and equal amount of attention to what is outside, especially since it is the first thing that people see when they look at a house. First impressions last so you better make sure that your front yard does the trick. What's an easy way to dress up and decorate your again? The answer is simply in plastic edging.

Edging is one the few things that people notice upon entering a home. Your choice of material is crucial since it will determine the entire look and style of your garden. What's important here is that the lawn edging should be a match to the rest of the house in terms of design and feel.


A vital part of any lawn, edging gives your garden a crisp and clean appearance. Its main purpose is to secure and provide proper edging on your garden beds, patio, walkways and driveway. It also works to keep the grass out of your existing landscaping beds and enhance the look of your lawn. Moreover, having the right lawn edging will reduce the time you spend on lawn activities such as mowing and weeding because it keeps your weeds out of your garden beds.

This type of edging is also a good choice for curving beds and borders because of its flexibility. Aside from being easy to handle, it's also the most economical among all the varieties.

Easy Installation

Many homeowners also turn to plastic edging because it is reasonably priced and quite simple to install. Even those without prior experience in edging installations can do it. With a spade, simply create a trench along the edges of the bed to create a wall to support the edging. The next step is to place the edging in the trench and bend it until it conforms to the contours. You may trim the strips according to your desired length or join strips of edging if needed. Lastly, you need to anchor the edging with stakes for it to stay securely in place.


Edging made from plastic is very much suitable to warm weather, although it does not cope well in cold weather conditions because it can easily incur cracks and damages over time.

Another disadvantage to using plastic edging is that its appearance pales in comparison to the other varieties. It can be easily viewed as cheap and unattractive, making it unfit for those who are looking for superior appearance and high quality materials. Experts recommend plastic edging for first timers in need of edging that's easy on the pocket and will settle for something less than extravagant in their garden.