Violin As A Musical Instrument

Learning The Classical Violin

Violin lovers alike, we love to listen to music played beautifully on the violin. The music we hear on TVs, CDs, and even online videos are so wonderfully played that we would love to be the violinist playing the music. However, we sometimes do wonder, can we ever play the violin and produce such nice music like the violinists in the video?

Violin is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. You could probably rank the violin just beside the piano. The violin has come a long way since the 16th century, and it is played by millions of people around the world today. Many students pick up the classical violin when they are young, but many learn them when they are adults too. Some have even become professional violinists!

Is Learning The Violin Difficult?

Just by looking at the question, I would have to tell you that learning to play the violin is not easy. It's like learning any new skills at the start. While we see that the violinists on stage could play the violin with ease and wonderfully, we have to look at what he has done 'behind the stage' to produce such good music in front of his audience.

As a violinist for almost 15 years, I would say that learning the violin is exciting, and adds meaning to our busy life. Though I'm not a full time professional violinist, I do enjoy playing the violin for my friends and family. Hence, while learning the violin can be difficult, it is worth the practice.

Where Can I Learn?

There are many different ways you can learn to play the violin. And you will find out the best two ways to learn it if you want to play it well.

1. Yourself

You could definitely learn how to play the violin yourself. I have friends who have the enthusiasm and excitement that they rush to the violin store and buy the violin immediately, and went home to play it themselves. They may watch online videos on how to play the violin, how to tune it, and buy some music sheets online to go with it.

Learning yourself is possible, but you have to know that it may take a long time before you master violin playing skills. People who learn it themselves usually have some form of musical knowledge at hand, so it is easier to pick up violin skills fast.

2. Teacher

Get a teacher to teach you. And I would say that is the best way you can learn violin fast, even if you have no prior musical knowledge. A violin teacher will be able to help you check out your mistakes, refine your playing methods and track your progress. If you have a good teacher, you might even have the opportunities to go on stage to perform, which is a great plus to learn violin fast.

Getting a teacher to teach you might be more expensive than learning it yourself, but you could save lots of time struggling yourself with the violin. It is money well spent.

After you have learnt the violin, you could perform for others, and even record a video of yourself playing the violin. Below is a violin playing video recorded from home. Enjoy.

Violin Playing Video


All in all, learning the violin is easy, when it comes with practice and mentoring. Many violinists gave up playing the violin as they claimed it is not easy to learn, and takes too much of time to master it. But many violinists have worked hard to master their musical skills and have enjoyed playing the violin for people around them.

We hope you pick up violin, as much as we like to share the love of violin and music with you.