Politics is a term that is undoubtedly the most hated word by the majority of the masses. To a regular man or woman, politics is equivalent to corruption, abuse of power, money laundering besides other malpractices. Politics has acquired quite a negative connotation, that possibly even trustworthy politicians are viewed with distrust.

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Election Day

The beginning of a politician's career is while campaigning for election into the government. Politicians are chosen to represent their constituencies on election day. But it’s been known that a good number of the public wouldn’t even make the effort to vote. This is because these non-voters realize that as soon as a candidate won the election, he will put his electorate out of his mind and only work to get more wealth and power.

Nevertheless, with the mandate given by their electorates, these elected politicians possess the capacity either to become self-serving or they can choose to be selfless and work to promote harmony and prosperity within the community.

Promises, Promises

It's normal that at the beginning of every election, candidates will attempt to convince the masses about their intentions to provide services that will be beneficial for everyone in the community.They make speeches, organize rallies, raise money and squander valuable funds and time, merely for the acquisition of power. But, soon after they got elected, the people would come to realize that they’re just talk but no action.

Unqualified Ministers

Elected representatives are also known to frequently be given portfolios of which they have no qualifications whatsoever. Picture in your mind an illiterate political representative chosen to be an education minister. Difficult to imagine yet this is customary in numerous Third World nations. Putting such an uneducated minister in office will inevitably result in an education system that doesn’t benefit any one. The ordinary citizen is in no position to object. His duty has ended on election day.

Money and Politics

Everyone also knows that money can get decisions overturned or changed. Offer a politician a lot more money than your competitors and you will be assured that the final decision or policy will be favourable towards you.

Cigarette, guns and liquor manufacturers are companies with very deep pockets. With billions of dollars backing them, they’re able to “buy” any politicians they want to support their agenda without regards for the well-being or safety of the general public.  

In many instances, it’s the general public that will feel the impact of decisions made by these politicians without even being entirely informed of the reasons. That is such an irony. Nearly all decision making and government policies get enacted with no say from the people. People are just powerless witnesses to the entire game of politics.

Is it ever any wonder why people just hate politics and wonder if politics is any good at all?