I'm sure that many of you reading at home are just like me and getting tired of the daily grind. Therefore many people are looking to find legit ways to work at home. Well here today I want to take a minute to talk about a new marketing company known as ProvisionRx and discuss some of the pros and cons of this system.

So right off the bat let me describe what we are talking about here with ProvisionRx. The company is all about these medical prescription cards that offer the users a discount at certain locations across the country. The discount is usually anywhere between 40-60% but can be lower or higher in some cases. With increased medical costs you can imagine how much money this could save people over time.

But the question we have here today about whether or not ProvisionRx is a scam is about the details. The main cons that I see upfront with this system are the upfront costs to get started and long-term viability of the company. From my knowledge people wishing to be started with ProvisionRx have to pay an upfront startup cost of $460. It's with this that they provide you with a certain number of their discount cards.

I'm sure some at home are asking where does the money for you come into the equation. Well the money starts to come in when you hand out the cards and people start putting them to use in the stores. But this is another area where the details that I have got varies from person to person. I was initially told that you receive $1 everytime somebody uses one of your cards. But then other sources have said .50 and .25 as well. So it seems there are some conflicting offers or pay out there on the table.

Another big issue that I have with the company and whether or not ProvisionRx is a scam has to do with their background. From what I read on other websites apparently they have tried in the past under different names and each time the companies went out of business. So that makes it sound kinda shady right off the bat. But then again I know real honest people that use this system and claim to make a couple hundred dollars a month.

So is ProvisionRx a scam? I don't know to be honest but plan on giving it a shot. Ultimately my first goal would just be to make my initial startup costs back and then see where it takes me from that point. I'm just so sick of the daily routine of work that this sounds worth the shot to me at the moment. If it does go under then hopefully I will have made my money back at that time.

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