I am not a red meat eater. But I have nothing against those who eat it. In my parental home we had several cows and other animals and as a child I have always been fond of them. I used to talk to them and feed them. Hindus consider the cow as a holy animal and even worship them. Often hindus from neighborhood used to come to our cow shed and worship the cows at my house and feed them. Considering all this I have always felt from childhood that if I eat meat it would be like eating my own friend whom I love. Though I have friends who are meat eaters I have never felt the urge to eat meat. My not eating red meat is based on sentimental reasons and not because I think I would become fat if I eat it. If I have to become fat it can happen due to a variety of reasons ranging from lack of exercise to genetics and just not eating red meat is not going to keep me slim and trim.

I have seen people who avoid red meat like plague because of the misconceptions they have about it. Many people are victims of this 'fat phobia'. There are many types of fats like poly unsaturated, saturated, mono saturated, Trans fatty acids, etc which has a variety of effects on the body. Polyunsaturated fat, mono saturated fat and Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce cholesterol and possibly prevent cancer and lower blood pressure. Saturated fat is the fat that can raise cholesterol levels. So it goes without saying that all fats are not bad. The truth is that not all red meat is bad. Eating red meat (pork, lamb or beef) in moderation can do you good instead. But then every thing in excess is bad. It should also be noted that our body has the bacteria which helps us to digest meat. Red meat is rich in Zinc which is particularly important for healthy skin and a healthy immune system. Eating red meat is the most efficient way of getting Zinc into our body. Red Meat is also a rich source of Iron which helps in generating red blood cells and the deficiency of which can cause conditions like Anemia. Red meat is also a good source of other vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and selenium. Red meat is also a major source of protein which is needed for muscle and organ health. Red meat is also rich in B Vitamins which help to maintain nerve cells and normal blood formation. Many non meat eaters argue that Red meat is high in saturated fats and "bad" cholesterol and can lead to conditions like clogged arteries and heart disease. If I have to argue on it there are a lot of other factors which can also cause diseases like genetics, lack of physical activity, smoking, stress, drinking, obesity etc to name a few. Just avoiding red meat is not going to help you stay fit and healthy or free from diseases.

Anything you consume in excess can become poison for you. In fact one can have lean meats in moderation which has essential vitamins and minerals and at the same time do not have a high fat content. It is important that Red Meat should be treated as only one part of an overall balanced diet. For instance Red meat is not rich in fiber content which aids digestion so it is advisable that you include some fiber rich foods in your diet too. Red meat is low in calcium too which is required for bone health so it is advisable that one should include green and leafy vegetables in the diet to compensate for it. However it is best to avoid are processed meats as these will contain additives like sodium nitrate which is linked with cancer. It is also advisable to avoid high temperature cooking of red meats and prepare and pair with low-fat, wholesome ingredients.