Writing on a revenue sharing website like Infobarrel is not for everyone.  It might only be good for a few people.  Writing for revenue share might even be wrong for you.  

Too often writers trying to make a share of future earning will write glowing reviews of the revenue share site they just found and are all excited about.  Most of these "writers" don't stick to the program and actually make meaningful money from the revenue sharing site.  Why is this?  Maybe revenue share writing is just not for them.  

Here are some great reasons to NOT JOIN a revenue sharing website.

You do not intend to write much.  If you think that just opening an account or writing a few articles is going to bring in the dollars you are in for a big disappointment.  It will take several hundred good articles and some promotion and SEO skills to make good money.

You don't want to to build any links.  If there are no links to your content then there will be no readers.  Of course a good revenue sharing website does some of the internal linking but if you are not going to learn and practice how to build external links and internal links your content is simply not going to get read and you will earn little to nothing if you don't understand backlinks.

You don't intend to learn SEO.   It is not necessary to understand Search Engine Optimization to get started in article writing but you should plan to devote some of your writing time to reading, practicing and perfecting SEO as you go along.  Understand what keywords are, ranking in the SERPs, keyword density and other SEO concepts.  Don't care about SEO... write for hire and not for residual income.

You are not interested in commercial topics.  Sure you can spend some of your writing time on fun stuff but if you don't write about products, experiences and services that people want to buy then your earnings are going to show it.  No one makes money posting poetry or short stories, so if you just want to write on non-commercial topics get a free blog and have at it.

You are not a believer in Affiliate Marketing.  Don't think it is right for a person who wrote about a product or service to make a commission when you buy that item?  Than stay out of writing online for residual income.  Either through ads or links this business is all about selling and the more you understand the craft of marketing  and the process of placing links to buy things where buyers are looking for those things the more money you will make. You need to plan to understand all kinds of affiliate marketing and always be on the look out for new ways to attract buyers.

Looking for the security of a paycheck?  Writing online comes with no guarantees except that things change.  Even when you find something that works there is no assurance that it will work again, or next month.  If you want a steady income get a steady job.

Looking for fast results!  Writing for residual income is not going to make  money fast.  To make money fast writing online requires going to a marketplace that offers work for freelancers.  There you can secure jobs that pay for completed work and a lot of the gigs can be completed quickly.  Writing for residuals is a marathon not a sprint. 

Here are some reasons why a revenue sharing site might be right for you.

You are tired of selling articles for $1 each.  If you slave away at Textbroker or one of the freelancing sites doing articles for $0.50 or $1 a pop, making someone else money on their niche site then you might consider writing keyword optimized product articles on a revenue share site that make you a couple dollars or more every month. Sure not every article is a winner but if you put out some volume and pick some good keywords you can quickly beat what you are making right now.

You need links.  If you are building a niche site or need to send nice links to your business site, consider posting articles with those links to a revenue sharing site.  Many people post on article directories for the links - so why not do the same BUT get paid for it?  

You enjoy writing for writing's sake.  If you are not really worried about the money, and just want to write what you like to write as a stress reliever or just for the fun of writing, then a revenue sharing site can be a nice bonus.  On some sites, established friend tools and forums allow you to develop connections with other readers who can become fans.  On Infobarrel members can subscribe to each other's article feeds, so once you have a few fans your newest creation is assured of getting a few reads.   

You like reviewing products.  Well crafted product reviews can do very well on revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel.  If the site allows affiliate links (like to Amazon) and your article gets a good position in the search results then active buyers will find your article and make purchases through your links. That can mean nice credits to your Amazon account :) 

You are willing to add photos and videos.  The addition of media increases the chances of your articles being found, and of the readers sticking around to read the articles when they click in to see the article.  Making your articles visually appealing is an important part of presenting your work in a favorable light.

You enjoy marketing.  If marketing theory and practice gets you excited, then article marketing might be for you.  By presenting useful information that attracts readers, they will respond to your work and you will profit.  If you are always interested in improving your marketing skills then writing online for residual income may be a good idea for you. 

If you are still interested in writing for residual income, then I recommend Infobarrel as a great place to start.  The site offers a friendly community, great management, a motivational achievement system, and so much more.