Getting used to a diet without gluten is not always an easy thing, we're always checking labels and second guessing the gluten content of foods - and one of the most regular questions to be raised is "Is rice gluten free?". The short answer is that yes, it is, but at the end of the day it really does depend on what sort of rice it is and what you eat with it. While your rice may be gluten free - the accompanying ingredients may not be.

Having a gluten free diet is an important consideration for an increasing number of us as we not only face increased incidences of gluten intolerance, but people are beginning to make an informed decision to avoid foods containing gluten in their diet. There are many and varied reasons for this, and gluten can now be associated with many common ailments prevalent in today's society.

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Before we go on to discuss these ingredients, a few basics about the best rice. In principle you should always only buy the least processed rice. Brown rice is always, always best - without doubt simply because it is the least processed. Any type of rice is both brown and white, it all depends on the degree of processing that the grain undergoes. Brown rice is also known as hulled rice as it is a whole grain. To produce brown rice, only the outer layer of the grain of rice is removed, which is called the husk. Two more layers are removed (the germ and bran layers) to produce white rice). So you can take comfort in the fact that your favourite variety of white rice is also available as a brown rice.

So hopefully now you have learned not only that brown rice is available in all varieties of the grain, but also the answer to the question of is rice gluten free. If you buy pure rice, remember the less processed the better, then you will not have any gluten to worry about. The more processed rice meals such as microaveable meals, or anything accompanying it such as stocks and sauces derived from wheat are a no-no. A common sauce that is enjoyed with rice is soy sauce, and unfortunately it does contain gluten. Having said that though, there are more and more gluten free products available these days, and soy sauce varieties that are not based on wheat are beginning to land on store shelves, but they can be hard to find still.