Rudeness is disrespect to your fellowmen.  It is like a slap on the face and it is a really annoying behavior. 

Rudeness comes in many ways from the way you look at someone to the way you talk and your choice of words and your behavior towards others. 

Here are 3 similar stories that show rudeness around the world.

Story #1

There was this young Filipino executive who is the daughter of one of the richest men in Asia published by Forbes.  She comes from a wealthy family and there’s no doubt about that.  Her family’s main business is on real estate.  Her family owns real estate properties scattered in almost all corners in the Philippines.  This young executive has followed her father's footsteps and is now a real estate developer too.

I was watching the television when the young woman’s pretty face appeared on the TV  screen being interviewed.  I was always so curious about the young woman who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  Is she like the other young women around who spends her time shopping around for all the beautiful things?   I was surprised to hear from her that she is also working very hard just like her father.  According to her, her father taught them to live a life just like the other normal kids around.  They have to work for a living.  I congratulate her parents for being good parents.

According to this young executive; in one of the her many visits in Paris, she was shopping around and she was looking at a Gucci bag displayed in a rack in one of the shops and the salesladies were not so friendly so according to her she bought the bag not because she really liked to buy it but sort of saying, “ I could buy that bag.” 

Story #2

This story happened to a wealthy Chinese woman.  This woman was wearing her house dress because she just drove to the market to buy some food stuffs.  On her way, she got attracted to a nice bag displayed on the window of a shop.  Parking her car, she walked to the shop and asked the price of the bag.

According to this Chinese woman, the saleslady looked at her from head to toe then said straight on her face, “That bag is very expensive, can you afford to buy that bag?” 

This Chinese woman didn’t mind the saleslady’s words and instead asked if she could take a look at the bag.  It wasn’t even a signature bag and anyone could afford to buy it.  As a result, the Chinese woman didn’t buy the cheap bag.

Story #3

My sister who works in Canada has a similar story to tell about one of her friends who works in Canada.  My sister describes her friend as a plain and simple-looking woman in her forty’s, who does not wear nice dresses and accessories.  My sister says if you see her friend you will think she has no money.  But her friend has several properties and to top it all she owns a beautiful condominium in one of the wealthy districts of Metro Manila, Philippines. 

The story goes this way.  This woman went home for a short vacation with her family and decided to go to the bank to update her account and deposit her money.  One of the bank tellers just looked at her and didn’t mind her but instead busied herself entertaining the good looking men and women.  The woman was left to wait while the bank teller whom she first approached busied herself with the other clients.  After a few hours of sitting and waiting without anyone who wanted to approach and entertain her, the manager of the bank finally noticed her sitting and she approached her.

The woman was so annoyed and disappointed at the lousy service of the bank so she made up her mind and did not deposit her money.  She instead told the manager that she is withdrawing all her deposited money from the bank that amounted to 4 million Pesos.  When the manager saw her account, she was shocked.  Guess who was more shocked of all?  -the bank teller who didn’t entertain her.

Rudeness is one of the most annoying behaviors that anybody could experience.  If there is no rudeness around, life would have been better and happier.  But it is inevitable and it is a part of human’s nature to judge according to physical appearance.  No matter how annoying and disappointing rudeness is there is no denying that even the well trained people who work in servicing customers are sometimes rude. 

Is rudeness a justifiable act because we are just human or it can be eradicated with proper training?