If you have always been interested in making money with a website, then you have probably came across a site called Site Built It. This is basically a hosting company which provides its users with website building tools and support. A big supporter of this program is Steve Pavlina and chances are, if you are looking into this website building tool, you probably heard about it from him. There are many people who have found success by using this company but there are also many others who have outright called it a scam as well. So let's take a look at what SBI really is and whether or not you should invest in such a tool.

One of the main reasons why a handful of people are calling this a scam is because of its price. In order to use their services, you will need to pay $299 a year for one website. If you have a website, then you know that putting one up can cost as little as $10 a month including $8 for a domain name. If you compare the two different methods of putting a site up, Site Build It is way more expensive. However, they don't charge $299 a year just to give you simple hosting. The value comes in all of the tools that they have to offer such as keyword research tool, list building program, and a format to help you easily set up a website even if you don't know a thing about html or coding.

Site Build It is not a scam. If it was, it wouldn't be around for so long and it definitely wouldn't be used at universities across the country as a website training program. However, it doesn't mean that SBI is for you. If you are a total beginner and have no idea on where to even begin to start your own money making website, then SBI may be for you. However, keep in mind that with the cost of $299 a year, once the first year is up, having to fork over another $299 or going on a monthly payment plan of $30 a month might sting a bit if you haven't really made much money with your website.

If you sort of understand what it takes to build a successful website, then you may just want to go with a regular hosting company. Site Built It does have its advantages but the cost may be a bit much for some people. For others, the price is nothing compared to the amount of joy they receive from making residual income from their site. What it comes down to is choosing the right niche and marketing your website. It seems that the ones who use the term, "Site Build It Scam" are either those who chose the wrong niche and didn't make any money, those who are trying to sell the program as an affiliate, or those who are trying to lead you to another method they feel is much more beneficial to you like I am.

In any case, whether you use Site Built It or another program, creating a internet home business correctly can truly lead to a better life once you start to make a substantial amount of residual income.