kickstart diet

Soy is everywhere, and it seems like a good choice whether you are simply looking for a dairy alternative or believe that soy is better for you. Many people want to know if it truly has the power to kickstart diet results. No matter where you fall in the soy debate, here are some interesting facts about soy that most people don’t know, nor consider before throwing it into the shopping cart.

First, soybeans were never grown for human consumption. In fact, the soybean was a crop that was considered a soil product that could enrich crops to come. Soy was only planted between harvests to help prepare the soil for the next crop to be planted. The Chinese who had these fields quickly discovered that eating soy caused bloating, gas and overall stomach discomfort. It wasn’t until the fermentation process was introduced to soy that it became a commonly consumable product.

Soy in a Nutshell: Why It Should Not be a Protein Substitute for a Healthy Eating Plan

You may have seen these products in the health section at the grocery store: miso, tempeh, natto and tamari. While, these soy substances are fine to eat in moderation the problem is that soy has become a mainstream product. It is considered by vegetarians and non-vegetarians to be a healthier alternative than meat or chicken. Consuming soy on a daily basis in place of other meats or legumes as a protein source isn’t ideal for your body.

Some may argue that Asians have been eating soy for thousands of years and have far less occurrences of cancer in their community. The truth is that the soy products consumed in Asia and here are from two completely different lots of quality.

The American definition of soy is highly processed. And as it is with any processed food, low-quality products contain impure proteins, carcinogens and can lead to severe intentional discomfort. Additionally, mass-produced soy products are a cheap way for companies to make a buck.

Food technologists use a high tech process to engineer these foods into looking like meat. Much like the quality of chicken breast that you will find at McDonalds, these patties, chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, and soy sausages have been engineered to look and taste a certain way for pennies on the dollar.

The Best Diet Plan Will Not Include an Influx of Ingestible Hormones

The other cause for concern with soy products is the high levels of hormones that are present in the food. For instance, all soy products contain plant-based estrogens called phytoestrogens. Consuming substantial amounts of this hormone can lead to heavier monthly flow and increased cramping in women. It has been linked to infertility.

In men, their testosterone levels can be affected and can even lower their sperm count. Additionally, if soy affects adults this way, imagine the effects it can have on infants fed soy formula. In a child that is strictly fed soy formula each day, it would be like taking what is equivalent to five birth control pills! That amount of estrogen can wreak havoc on the development of your infant’s organs, setting their hormones on a wacky pendulum, even before he or she speaks their first word.

If your child eats soy, this could be a reason why so many young girls are getting their periods at a younger age, and why some boys hit puberty later than their peers. Humans shouldn’t eat any food that has the power to derail natural human development. Watch your soy intake carefully. It is fine to have a soy product or latte once or twice a month, but don’t make it a regular part of your eating routine and instead stick to natural and healthy protein alternatives that nature makes without fermentation or technological interruption.