If you are pregnant there are certain things that will alarm you. Spotting during early pregnancy could possibly be one of those things that will make you a bit nervous.

There are reasons why you may be having this spotting during this time of your pregnancy. Some of them are actually simple and will have you relaxed as soon as you know them. It could be a sign that you are having an ectopic pregnancy.

This is a type of pregnancy where the egg will actually attached somewhere other than the uterus and be fertilized. Also often it could be termed a tubal pregnancy.

This may be a bleeding or spotting that will also have you feeling pain in your stomach or being dizzy. You should seek out medical attention with these signs.

There are actually about twenty and up to thirty percent of pregnancy that will end with a miscarriage. This is often what many people will think is the problem when they see spotting.

If you experience spotting with these other symptoms you may have had a miscarriage. They include cramping, and other symptoms of pregnancy having gone away.

Though about fifty percent of women who do spot in those early stages will have a normal and healthy pregnancy. Another cause that may be the reason for your spotting is implantation bleeding. This is where the egg is burrowing itself into the lining of your uterus. This will be something that will only last for a few days and will be gone.

Well you may have bleeding after you have had sex too. Some people will have spotting after they have had an internal exam. As long as you have no other symptoms and it only lasts a little time you will be just fine. You should remember that you should avoid heavy lifting while you are pregnant.

Plus try and make sure that you are taking it easy and not having any undue stress during this time.