It seems that every week on the news we hear about a new mass shooting from the Drug cartels in Mexico. We are constantly told that visiting Mexico is not safe. Mexico has been a hotspot for American college students on spring break. Is it too dangerous to visit Mexico for Spring Break this year? Should you instead plan a trip to Florida for Spring Break? Here are some facts to consider about visiting Mexico for Spring Break.

Cartel Violence

The various drug cartels in Mexico are waging an all out war. The cartels have shot and killed countless people. Victims have included politicians, law enforcement officials, politicians, other cartel members and even tourists. The violence in Mexico has definitely escalated drastically over the past 10 years, however should you avoid Mexico all together for Spring Break?

Avoid Mexican Spring Break?

Crime Scene Tape(85941)Credit: Flickr/alancleaver_2000Although there are parts of Mexico that are extremely safe for American visitors, Mexico has a whole can be perceived to be a dangerous place to visit for Spring Break.  The U.S. State Department issues a warning on places to avoid traveling to in Mexico. They State Department has since came out and expanded the list of areas to avoid. Although you can find safe places to visit in Mexico, what would you do if you were at a supposedly safe tourist area and the State Department released another advisory warning against travel to the region because of kidnappings and gun violence?



Acapulco has traditionally been one of the more popular spots for college students on Spring Break. Acapulco has also been a popular destination for American travelers of all ages, including senior citizens. The State Department has issued and new advisory warning people that if they do visit Acapulco they need to keep a low profile and not display any signs of wealth. The State Department has also strongly recommended that you do not travel more than 2 blocks inland from the street that runs in front of the beach.

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American Murders

Although the vast majority of the Mexican Drug war violence does not affect American tourists directly, there have been American casualties. In 2007 the State Department reported that there were 35 U.S Citizens killed from cartel violence. In 2011 that number increased to 120 deaths. Will 2012 bring more than 120 Americans killed by cartel violence? 2012 has already brought us the death of at least 2 American missionaries. In 2011 a roadblock was set up by Mexican Gangsters. When 2 American missionaries spotted the roadblock was not by Mexican Law enforcement they sped off in their truck. The roadblock crew shot at the truck and killed the lady passenger. Her husband who was driving was able to speed back across the border into the United States.

Since 2006 when Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels, there have been 47,515 drug war related deaths in Mexico. This number is believed to be too low by many experts. The vast majority of the deaths have not been American Citizens; however there have been plenty Americans that have got caught in the crossfire of the drug cartel wars.

The Mexican Government is fighting the drug cartels. The drug cartels are fighting the Mexican law enforcement officials. The drug cartels are also fighting with each other for control of the drug corridors. In addition smaller gangs that are not related to the drug cartels have took advantage of the increasing violence by staging their own kidnappings, ransom demands, robberies, and murders.

You can see the most current State Department Mexico Travel Warning. Read it thoroughly and then decide for yourself if Mexico is the best place for your Spring Break. If your goal is to meet some hot girls while on Spring Break, the Florida or another destination may be a much better choice. Why risk going to Mexico if most of the women choose to stay away from Mexico? There are numerous Spring Break destination options this year that are much safer than Mexico. You don’t want to get robbed, raped, kidnapped, or killed while on Spring Break.

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