Magnetic Sponsoring is old hat for some, especially in the network marketing niche. For people who don't know what Magnetic Sponsoring is, it is a book written by arguably one of the most famous network marketers of all-time, Mike Dillard. Mike Dillard wrote the book as a way to help other networkers understand how the industry works.

However, it has been a few years now since Magnetic Sponsoring came out.

As we all know, the internet is constantly changing. Products come and go and become outdated sometimes in mere weeks when they come around. What does this mean? Well, it means you have to be careful when you start buying information products.

It made me think, is Mike Dillard's book still relevant in today's marketing environment?

The book is all about attraction marketing. How people attract other marketers to their downline with ease, instead of having to chase after friends, family and other people to join their businesses. The headline "Have an endless stream of distributors waiting at your door with credit card in hand" that Magnetic Sponsoring uses to sell its book is a pretty tempting line.

In fact when I first saw that line I instantly bought the book.

Looking at where your typical network marketer struggles is good indication if is still okay to buy Mike Dillard's book. I mean the typical guy in network marketing is struggling to either figure out how to speak to prospects or for that matter find prospects to actually speak to!

The book covers both of these topics pretty in-depth. And so even though the book came out years ago, almost ancient history in terms of internet marketing, it still remains an incredibly evergreen product.

I would suggest buying a personal development book over Magnetic Sponsoring if your goal was just to get good with people. However, if your goal is to actually become a professional network marketing superstar, than Mike Dillard's book is pretty much the best tutorial you can get on the ideas of attraction marketing.

In terms of testimonials, there is tons of people who have made Mike Dillard's famous headline come true in their own businesses. They have endless leads coming to their business, with distributors lining up everywhere, and people that are ready to actively hop into their opportunity with credit card in hand.

So if you are looking at buying Magnetic Sponsoring, I still say it is a really valuable purchase. It is still incredibly relevant today, and as more people come online more and more looking to make money in this troubling economy, I believe Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring is going to grow more and more. Of course, before actually buying the product, make sure you read a high quality Magnetic Sponsoring review first to make this product is actually what you think it is and what you are looking for.

Always do your due diligence as much as possible. After-all, it is extremely important!