Subway has spent millions of dollars in ad campaigns promoting itself as a healthy alternative to conventional fast food. Its famous spokesperson, Jared Fogle, has even claimed to have lost well over 200 pounds eating Subway sandwiches. But is Subway really the remedy to the wasteland of fatty fast food?

The answer is a bit complicated. On the one hand, Subway definitely offers some menu items significantly healthier than the Big Mac and the Whopper. You can even order a very tasty vegetarian sandwich (known as the Veggie Delite) as well as other sandwiches under 6 grams of fat. But Subway is far from perfect.

One of their biggest problems is their bread. Despite the company's many efforts to promote “healthy” breads like its 9 grain omega bread, all Subway breads are high in simple carbs due to excessive amounts of wheat flour. Even after years of promoting healthy lifestyles, Subway still does not offer a 100 percent whole wheat bread.

And of course, just because you eat at Subway does not automatically guarantee your good health. Though Subway offers plenty of veggies, turkey and grilled chicken, the assembly line is also loaded with fatty mayonnaise, sauces, cold cuts, meatballs and cheeses. It's up to you to choose the healthier ingredients in modest portions. For instance, a small veggie delite is only 230 calories, but a large meatball is sub is over 1100 calories (and don't even ask about the fat).

For best results, avoid the deli meats and meatballs, go easy on the cheeses, and stick with healthier sauces and seasonings like vinegar and olive oil. Top off your sandwich with plenty of veggies. If you must have the bread, the 9 grain omega is your best bet (though still FAR from perfect), but you can also order any Subway sandwich as a salad. Basically, if you ask your meal as a salad, the server will prepare it in a bowl with the Subway lettuce. This can further ensure that you get the healthiest possible serving at Subway.

Additionally, you might want to avoid the potato chips and sugary sodas. Stick with fruit and water if you want some sides to go along with your sandwich or salad. If, on occasion, you want to indulge in a spicy Italian sandwich or meatball sub, order the 6-inch version. The small sandwich will still have more than enough calories to sustain you until your next meal.