Drinking tap water

Drinking clean safe tap water

Is it safe to drink tap water

The Environmental Protection Agency has the responsibility to monitor all public regulated water systems in America.

With the job of setting health standards that apply to drinking water contaminants, we can pretty much assume that our water resources are safe.

However if this is the case then we are being naive and ignorant to the facts of this matter. Is tap water safe to drink is a question that plagues many Americans on a daily basis. To honestly answer this question we have to be honest with ourselves. There are thousands of everyday people like you and me that just don't really care what's in our drinking water.

The actual truth of the matter is most never even give it a second thought!

Water is the most important element there is for sustaining life as we know it. This includes human beings, so why would you as an individual not care what's in it.  Here's some advice...You cannot live without it.

Ask yourself how many of your friends or family members have ever really questions the safety of our drinking water. If your family and friends are like mine, the answer is probably never. With the introduction and corporate take over of the bottled water industry, your average Joe can run over to the local corner store and grab some bottled water, which ironically is filtered tap.

Water contamination is a huge problem around the world

Truth be told the average person is oblivious to the dangers of contaminated water sources. As I have said before many could care less because they are to busy and distracted with life's everyday problems.

The Centers of Disease Control receives numerous reports of water contamination year around. There are many dangerous threats to our water sources that many of us have no idea exists.  There are also many reports of corporate companies deliberately dumping nuclear waste, and (DBP's) dangerous-by-products into our rivers, lakes and ponds. This does not only affect water quality but it also poses a serious threat to various endangered aquatic species.

Some of the various pollutants infiltrating our tap are arsenic, lead, mercury, fluoride, legal and illegal prescription drugs. High levels of these contaminants can cause chronic illnesses and diseases in humans. Contrary to popular belief many municipal water systems are out in the open with no security what so ever.

 I feel this is very dangerous especially with the threat of home grown terrorism. Who knows what biological weapons can be dumped in water to infect an entire city. I feel it's just a matter of time before something deadly is put into our water sources resulting in the instant deaths of millions of people.



Water contamination

water contamination

Low-level pesticides are often detected in our water as a result of heavy usage in our environment. The EPA is suppose o protect the municipal systems, however it will approve a cancer-causing chemical such as roach spray or Lysol to be used knowing this is dangerous to our health. According to the EPA, more than 70 active ingredients known to cause cancer in animal tests are allowed for public use. On top of that most pesticides on the market have not been tested.

What can you do to ensure you and your family have clean safe drinking water

The public has a right to know what's in their H20, and how or if it's been treated or not. The public also has a responsibility to become educated on the dangers of water contamination. This is vital for the health of all mankind. The problem with this is most average people choose to continue to walk around as if nothing matters, and to stay dumb and blind to the truth. They will practically drink anything you put in front of them.

How many times have you heard the saying "Well we all gotta die of something". I know I've heard many times. However this is an extremely lackadaisical attitude to have about life in general, and you would be surprised to know how many people have this type of attitude.

They just don't care about their over all health!

Sois it safe to drink tap water in your home?...this will depend solely on you and what steps you take to protect yourself and your family. Here are some simple steps you can follow to make sure your tap stays safe:

  • Do some solid research on the many dangerous contaminants that can infect your  drinking water.
  • Learn how you can test your tap in your own personal home or have it tested by a certified testing lab.
  • Learn how to filter water by getting to know how water filtration technology works.
  • The most important step is to invest in a good water filter for your home.
  • Develop a good rapport with your local municipal supplier, and find out how they are protecting your local water source.


Truth be told we can no longer rely on just government to protect us from this severe problem. Each and every person needs to take some responsibility for themselves in order to have access to safe, clean water.

What's in your drinking water?

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