Terrorism is very common. From the extreme radicals in the Middle East to home grown terrorists who are white and Christian. A terror attack can happen anywhere. Is Terrorism Becoming A Hobby?

Most terror attacks are not spur of the moment, they are well planned out and researched. It seems from reading the news that more terror attack plots are getting busted by Law Enforcement before the attack can be enacted.

How, many of these terrorists, whether radical Muslims, Racist Whites, or high school kids with guns have began there attack plan by simply making a plan of attack? Many of these attacks may not have been designed to actually go through with the attack. These terrorists simply were designing a plan of attack but had no intention of actually following though with it.

During the planning of the terrorism act they realized that they could do what they where planning and then they decide to actually do it. Maybe if they were planning the attack with a friend then that person pressured them into committing the attack and actually follow through with all of their hard work during the planning stages.

Designing and planning g a terrorism plot can be considered an artistic expression. One example is for the fiction author who designs a terrorism plot for fictional novel that he or she is writing. Another one would be to get people thinking deeper such as Secret Service Agents. These Agents compare notes on "If we were going to kill the President How Would We Do It?"

These are times when it is OK to plot a terrorist attack. The questionable ones are kids in high school plotting out a Columbine style slaughter of their fellow students. Just because a kid is designing a terror plot against his school does not mean he will actually follow through with it. He may simply be trying to use it as a way to express frustration and to let off some steam. The problem though is what has happened historically.

Historically Secret Service Agents do not assassinate Presidents and fiction authors do not fly airplanes into high rise buildings in a heavily populated area. High School kids have been known to shoot up school such as the infamous Columbine school shooting. What do we learn from this?

We do need to stereotype and look at the situation. If a teen is caught planning a school shooting we should ALWAYS assume that he or she is actually planning on following through with his plans.

The problem we run into is terrorism attacks that we would have never suspected to occur. The guy who shot and killed the girls at the Amish School house was totally unpredictable.

Another one is Andrew Stack. He woke up one morning, got into his private airplane and flew it into an IRS building in Texas. Nobody had any idea of what he was plotting.

Is Terrorism Becoming A Hobby? I hope terrorism is not becoming a Hobby. If someone is planning a terror [plot we need to stop it as soon as we know. We should never assume that someone is simply using it as a creative outlet unless they are someone such as a fictional novel writer or a member of the Secret Service.

Talking about "What Ifs" with your friends can be fun but when the "What Ifs" involve a terrorism attack then it can possible lead to the actual act as well as being morally repugnant even if the attack is never actually carried out.