Mexico City is known as a place with a lot of culture and plenty of museums to keep you busy during your trip. The one thing that you will find out during your trip is that a lot of the learning can be done at several metro stations because the city has promoted culture in public places. That means that if you have a couple of extra hours you could visit one of these stations and learn a bit about the city’s architecture, people, pre-Columbian cultures and even science and nature. Here are the top stations to visit when you are in Mexico City.


Zocalo Metro StationCredit: W Fonseca

Zocalo is one of the most visited stations in the city as it is the central plaza where you will find the government palace, the cathedral, the Templo Mayor and a lot of great shopping options are the main attractions. In the station itself you will find a small-scale model of the Zocalo and pictures of what the plaza looked like through the years. Those who love architecture will love this small museum-like station. Zocalo is on the blue line (Linea 2) of the metro and it is right in the city center.

Pino Suarez

Pino Suarez MetroCredit: W Fonseca

Pino Suarez is another station that is very important to the city as it is one of the stops used for market shopping and to go to other important places in the city. The station features 2 things that you may find interesting and those are the revolving exhibits close to the blue line going south and a small pyramid between the blue and the pink lines. The small pyramid is not a replica and it was found while the construction was taking place. Most people do not pay much attention to it as they see it every day, but tourists should definitely take a look. There is also the book hall which is underground between the Pino Suarez station and Zocalo station, which is a great place to find books on any subject. To get to Pino Suarez take the blue (Linea 2) or pink line (Linea 1) of the metro.

La Raza

La Raza Metro StationCredit: W Fonseca

La Raza is probably the coolest station in the entire Mexico City Metro. If you are taking a bus to Teotihuacan or somewhere north of the city you may have to transfer at La Raza and you will see a small museum-like hall named the science hall. Here you can learn about things like food and people, all the way to space and climate change. The space section is an amazing sight where the only lights are the ones produced by the constellations created on the roof. To get to La Raza you can take the olive-green line (Linea 3) or the yellow line (Linea 5).

Bellas Artes

Bellas Artes MetroCredit: W Fonseca

Bellas Artes is another station that is visited a lot by the tourists in the city. Outside there are attractions like the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Torre Latinoamericana and the Alameda Central Park. Inside the station you will find murals by famous Mexican painters and replicas of Mayan and Aztec stones. The murals are by the green line while the replicas are on the blue line. The green line (Linea 8) and the blue line (Linea 2) are the ones that make a stop at Bellas Artes.


People who love trains and the different metro systems around the world will love the Auditorio Metro Station. Here you will see maps and information on the underground and rail systems of major cities around the world. People visit this station a lot because it is the one to go to when visiting the Museo de Antropologia, the Mexico City Zoo and Bosque de Chapultepec Park, plus several other museums like Modern Art, Castillo de Chapultepec and the Museum of Natural History. To get to the Auditorio station, take the orange line (Linea 7).