Superhero movies are the big thing now, but not every costumed vigilante has cool powers which inspire kids to want to imitate them. Some of the heroes created by even the most successful companies have been big failures as they become comic relief and not in the “Deadpool” way (Deadpool is awesome). Here are some of the worst characters ever created by comic book companies.

Wonder Twins (DC)

Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins made their début in the 70’s and were a part of the Super Friends TV show. Eventually they made their way into comic books. These are alien twins that go by the name of Zan and Jayna and they have an alien pet monkey (ok pet monkeys are fun) named Gleek. Their powers are lame to say the least; when they join hands they activate their powers which are the shape of a wave and the shape of a being in their home planet. They are still a part of the DC Universe, but not in a big way. They recently made appearances with the Young Justice League.

Frog-Man (Marvel)


There are some characters that are very unlikely to get their own movie or even appear in one. Though Frog-Man has teamed up with the Avengers in the past, do not expect him to appear in any of the sequels for the franchise. His real name is Eugene Paul Patilio and he is the son of a Daredevil Villain. Eugene does not follow the steps (or leaps) of his dad and decides to try his hand at fighting evil. His powers come from a modified leap-frog suit which uses electrical spring coils to help him leap great distances. The suit also gives him extra strength which sounds great until you see what the suit looks like.

Hour-Man (DC)

Hour Man

So a superhero whose powers only last for one hour would be perfect for a sitcom if they had no commercials… Hour-Man would have no commercials. Rex Tyler does have cool powers when he becomes Hour-Man; he has super strength, super speed and even night vision (a really inconvenient power to have if you work during the day); the problem is that the superpowers are the effect of a formula and they wear off in 1 hour. After the hour passes Rex has to wait 24 hours to get the toxins out of his body and that means that Rex becomes useless to others.



Flatman is another disaster from Marvel that has become a punch line in the comics. He stretches, but not like Reed Richards. He has the power to become flat; flat enough to become almost invisible and sneak through really small spaces. He was one of the original members of the Great Lakes Avengers and he was not just a team member, he was actually second in command. So you would think that at least he would bring super intelligence into the mix, but his field of expertise is fashion.

Matter-Eater Lad (DC)

Matter-Eater Lad

Tenzil Kem is an alien so that is cool. He was part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, not bad. His super power… he can eat anything. This disappointed us as well. There is not much for someone who can digest anything to do when the universe needs saving. Tenzil can eat metal, but then his job is complete and the rest of the team members have to pick up the slack. He supposedly can eat things that are indestructible, so a year-old burger is no match to Matter-Eating Lad. Sounds more like a side-show than a superhero.

Squirrel Girl (Marvel)

Squirrel Girl

We love squirrels; we think that squirrels are adorable, especially when you feed them at the park, but we do not think of them as superheroes that are there to save the day. The powers are not the problem with Squirrel Girl, she can leap great distances, she has super human strength, knuckle spikes, and even uses claws for climbing. She has been there to defeat Dr. Doom, Thanos and other super villains, but then you look at the costume and you cannot help but to laugh.

Maggott (Marvel)


Maggott is a mutant and part of the X-Men which means that there is enough talent to make one of the top teams in comic books. His powers however are downright disgusting and if he were a real person you would have a hard time keeping down your lunch if he were in front of you. His super power is that he can produce two giant slugs. He has the slugs because his digestive system is not normal so when they re-enter his body, the digestion process of the slugs gives him superior strength as well as stamina. Eany and Meany (the name of the slugs) will eat different materials and will digest what they eat fast. Maggott can also see into the future which would be a good power if it wasn’t because he needs the slugs to do so… yuck.

The Red Bee (DC)

Red Bee

The Red Bee’s story is pretty similar to Daredevil in that he was a lawyer (district attorney) that just hated seeing the bad guys walk free. So he did what any superhero wannabe would do and he trained some bees. Ok so there is more than that; Richard Raleigh was an athletic man and trained in combat, but the "bee thing" is just a bit lame. He kept his bees in his belt buckle and had a stinger gun to help him fight crime. Look out super villains who are allergic to bees.

Extraño (DC)


There is no way that anyone could publish Extraño today without a huge backlash. The character was offensive to say the least. Extraño or Gregorio De La Vega is the gay Latin magician who could actually do real magic. The problem is that he looked like every gay magician stereotype and to make matters worse he was eventually attacked by Hemo-Goblin which was an AIDS vampire. Eventually we found out that De La Vega was infected with the virus and while most assumed it had been the result of the Hemo-Goblin, the way he got the infection was never revealed.