My wife and I first tried out the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller when our son turned 7 months old. We used a slightly older model stroller that we found used on Craigslist. Despite the fact that the stroller was used and didn’t feature the updates of the most recent model year we loved most everything about it.

Our typical stroller use is mainly for day to day chores and errands as well as city walking. We do go out on hikes from time to time but we are not avid hikers so we rarely go off the paved paths and trails. Jogging is also not something that is high on either of our lists as we are not runners however I can say that this stroller would be perfect for runners on a somewhat tight budget.

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Stroller's Front WheelThe City Mini stroller is lightweight; it has a stable duel front wheel which is designed like a three wheel stroller. This provides better stability when hitting bumps then a conventional four wheeled stroller but not nearly the stability as some other all-terrain strollers with big front wheels that can roll over anything.

Is the City Mini stroller a good stroller for jogging?

My answer is yes; but I do have some small conditions.

Despite the fact that I am not an avid runner I did try jogging a little with this stroller after we bought the used version just to see what I thought. It rolled so easily that it didn’t feel like I was pushing something while I jogged and I was able to get enough separation between the stroller and myself to jog without kicking the wheel base at my feet. For some taller people with longer legs this may be a problem but considering I am 6’-1” tall this probably wouldn’t be a problem for most.

My caveat is this. I don’t believe the City Mini is a good stroller if you are going to be taking this out on anything other than perfectly smooth pavement. City streets would be fine but even if your local sidewalks have big cracks then you aren’t going to want to go running with the City Mini. Because the stroller has small wheels compared to some other jogging strollers and because it lacks a good suspension system like some other all-terrain strollers your baby will simply bounce around too much for my liking.

If you are going to be jogging on any kind of a trail which isn’t paved then this is not a jogging stroller you are going to want to take out. I noted previously, this is a great stroller for running errands not for off road jogging or hiking.

As a statement of fact this is a Baby Jogger so it is well designed for jogging around town. You will absolutely love it for it’s other features like the huge stroller cover and the amazingly simple way it collapses down for storage or for placing in your trunk but keep it on an even pavement for your baby’s sake.

Price is of course another factor. As far as really good jogging stroller go this is a somewhat cheaper stroller for jogging but you get what you pay for. If you want a bit more comfort when jogging look for a good jogging stroller with suspension. You’ll pay a bit more but feel better about your purchase later on.