If there is one thing that parents of newborns have in common is the universal desire to keep a sleeping baby asleep. No parent wants to get home after a long drive or a series of errands only to have to deal with a sleeping baby in a car seat. When your baby is asleep it is just so difficult sometimes to remove him or her from the car seat without waking them up and that’s why it’s so helpful to buy one of these car seat stroller frames.

Why Buying A Car Seat Stroller Frame Is Worth It

As noted above probably the best reason to buy a car seat frame stroller is because it allows you to transport a sleeping infant from the car to a stroller without actually waking them up. The jostling around of their head and arms when you pull a baby out of a car seat wakes up the majority of sleeping babies but the removal of the car seat from the back seat of your car almost never wakes them.

My wife and I had an infant that we always had trouble with when it came to nap time so whenever he fell asleep it was very important to do everything we could to keep him asleep. He’s now approaching one year old and it isn’t as big of a deal but naps in the car were very helpful for the better part of a year.

Like many parents we had and still use basic Graco infant car seats. We use one of the SnugRider 32 car seats to be exact. It works well, is safe and easy to use, and it’s not that expensive at all. Luckily for us we fund the Graco SnugRider car seat stroller frame later by accident.

Graco Snug Rider Stroller Frame vs. The Snap ‘N Go Stroller Frame

We knew that the car seat strollers were excellent for sleeping babies and we also knew from the experience of a friend of the family that they were great for storage space too. While my wife was pregnant we got to hang out with an old friend that had the Snap ‘N Go Car seat stroller frame and she sold us on it months before we were ready to buy one. She also raved about how great the under seat storage compartment was as well as how compact it was when it was folded up.

When we went to the store we went to find the Snap ‘N Go but after having talked to another mother in the store we found the Graco car seat stroller frame instead. The store salesperson confirmed that the Snap And Go frame would work just fine for Graco car seats but it wasn’t likely to feel as secure as the SnugRider because the Graco Snugrider was designed specifically for Graco car seats unlike the Snap n Go.

In my other stroller articles I routinely note that I have extensive experience with many strollers due to my side business of buying and selling used strollers on Craigslist but I never have actually owned the Snap And Go. I can’t say for sure that it doesn’t fit Graco car seats as well as the Snug Rider frame but I can say I’m extremely happy with the Graco model.

Basically the Graco stroller frame is very affordable. As of this writing (Feb. 2012) it currently sells on Amazon for only $69 compared to the Snap N Go which is selling for $50. The way we figured the price was so low and close that it made better sense for us to buy the same brand frame as our car seat if only for the peace of mind.

We also found after using the Snugrider stroller frame for 6-7 months that it offered tons of storage space for a diaper bag and related items and it folded up really small. Not only that but it was lightweight and really simple for us to use.

In short I believe the Graco SnugRider car seat frame stroller is worth buying if you use Graco car seats. Otherwise you may want to look to your own brand of car seat to see if it has a frame as an alternative.