Choosing a specific breed of dog can be a difficult task for many families. Knowing what breed is right for you and your loved ones is very important. All dogs, large or small, are very different and have many different qualities. The Great Dane is one of the largest dogs out there. Their size is such an important factor that can not be ignored when selecting this particular breed. Many people think that these enormous dogs need huge living spaces to accommodate them when actually they make great apartment dogs. My husband and I live in a modest 3 bedroom apartment and have no issues with space. A yard with a high fence is a great perk for us but not a necessity for owning this breed. It is important to understand that when a Dane is full size he or she will have no problem resting their chin on your kitchen counter or dinning room table.

The Great Dane is a very loyal and loving dog to those lucky enough to be in their families. They are not the type of dog that you can leave outside in your yard all day as they need to be close to their family members and loved ones. Generally when a Dane becomes part of a family it is a position he or she will take very seriously. They can often be sceptical of individuals they have not met and can take a while to warm up to visitors in their home. However, this does not mean that they are aggressive towards unknown humans. Most Danes love everybody, however, they often need 5 or 10 minutes before they will sit on a new visitors lap. The breed is often referred to as the 'gentle giant'. They are great with small children but often don't know their own size. Great Danes have a tendency to literally lean on those they love and at over 100 pounds, in some cases over 150 pounds, it is quite easy for them to accidentally knock over a small child.  

It is a misconception that Great Danes need more exercise then other breeds. Obviously they require daily walks but overall they can be quite lazy. They love to sleep and are very happy to do so in your bed, on your couch, or on your lap. Owners must be aware of the problems that over exercising a Dane can cause. This can lead to joint problems and hip displacement. It is important to limit the amount of hard running or playing your Dane does. Long walks are much better for this breed then short vigorous runs. This doesn't mean you can't take your Dane out for a bike ride or a morning run but it is best to limit these types of activities.

One of the most important things to consider before you commit to this breed is cost. Everything for a Great Dane cost more then average. Vet bills, food, crates, toys and accessories are all more expensive due to size. Being financially prepared is vital. Part of this financial planing is factoring in the cost of pet insurance. When you buy or adopt a Great Dane your not just getting a huge dog you are getting the huge responsibilities that comes with it. 

The Great Dane is an amazing breed, my personal favourite, and has countless defining qualities that make them so unique. Is doesn't matter if you live in a small apartment or a huge house all these giants need to be happy is a family prepared to love and care for them.~