So is the wedding cake important? Yes, as simple as that. Have you seen a wedding without one? Yes I thought so too. That is how important it is. It is important because it has been part of the wedding tradition for many generations. It has been said that the practice of having cakes during weddings rooted from the Roman Empire. Other than that, the cake has significance to the event. It represents the couple and their life ahead of them. Rituals such as cutting of the cake represent this and have been performed over and over again in majority of weddings around the world.

Its mere presence in many weddings signifies its importance. Not having one is a major "miss" in the said event. Since it is essential in having one during the wedding reception, you might as well make the most of it by making sure that it stands out among the rest. That is where wedding cake designs come in. These designs will make or break the cake's impact on the occasion at hand and on the guests. But take note that more beautiful designs will have an impact on your budget so make sure to balance between beauty and money.

Now, the cake is usually large and during the cutting of the cake ritual of the newlywed, they normally just get a small slice of the cake. So what do you do with the extra cake left? You can bring it home or you can give them to your guests! One elegant way of doings so is by putting the left-over cake in wedding cake boxes. That way, when the reception is over, the guests can take home a box with a slice of the cake. The boxes can be simple or you can decorate them too. If you have extra budget, you can opt to decorate them so that they become part of the wedding theme.

Going backwards a bit, where can you get wedding cake ideas? If you are creative enough, you can think of them yourself. Or if you have access to a computer with internet access, you can simply find ideas on the internet. You'll find so many that you'll have an overload of them. On the other hand you can go old school style and discuss it with your cake maker. They sure will have plenty of ideas as this is part of their business.

Yes, the wedding cake is important. Make sure that you have them during your wedding reception. And to accentuate things, make sure that it stands out by making a creative and elegant one plus beautifying it with different types of decorations.