It is light, portable, fast and convenient to surf the web. The countless apps in the itunes store makes it all worth it. It is only 500 dollars as compared to any tablet PCs in the market, it is highly affordable. You will be able to manage social networks on the go. For example, MSN Live, Facebook, blogger and myspace!


Lack of Flash which means you will not be able to watch videos on certain streaming websites. No built-in USB slots. You could use a USB device only through an accessory which means you have to spend extra from your pocket. Multi-tasking is difficult unless you decided to jailbreak your device.

Full Review

Just not long ago, I got my hands on an iPad. Yes it is an iPad. The pad that everyone goes crazy over. Apple has been rather successful with their launch of IPhones in 2006 until the present. With no rest at all, they then launched the iPad. This launch is revolutionary. Since 2001, Microsoft initiated the Tablet PC movement for Business. This push was apparently not as successful as the iPad. Even though the Tablet PC was meant for portability, it did not meet practicality. As sophisticated the Tablet PC might be, it reflected the higher cost in manufacturing it. On the other hand, the iPad was created with low cost in mind. It's functions are comparable to a Tablet PC. One is able to read their PDF, Powerpoint and Word documents on it and not to mention the countless apps to be purchased in the Itunes store. Other than being affordable, the iPad brings us a new experience surfing the internet with our fingers on the cutting edge touchscreen. "Some of the world's biggest electronics companies are readying an assault on the tablet market," Erica Ogg reports for CNET. Apple might have sold an impressive 3.27 million iPads in less than a quarter, it has done so in the absence of any major competitor. Just like the race in smartphones, Apple got the lead with the iPhone. This head start brings in revenue for Apple and provides it with a solid foundation in the consumer market. Being a new category - a large touch-screen device bigger than a smartphone (or iPhone) and running a lightweight operating system gives Apple the majority of the market share of it due to ascendancy. This major market share will make it harder for the rest of the competitors to catch up. Thus, Apple's innovative, state of the art iPad has built a huge lead as clock ticks on for the rest of the wannabes. One thing huge about the iPad. The long battery life just like any Apple product. Surfing the web for 10 hours non-stop. This piece of technology has made life much easier. Rather than lugging a 2 KG laptop everywhere, you will be able to walk around comfortably with less than half of the weight, 0.68kg. Talk about losing weight on the go! Furthermore, the new 3G version of the iPad allows you to be online anywhere you go. The internal capacity of the iPad is enough for one to bring anywhere, whether is it 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. There are apps in the Itunes store that allows you to allocated a portion of your disk space for the function of a thumb drive. Often than not, portable technology don't usually come with high perfomance. The iPad is installed with a 1 Ghz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-perfomance but low-power system-on-a-chip. In addition, the iPad provides one with flexibility. It is blend with the basic feature and functions of iPhone and laptop. Going through pictures and videos is way easier and convenient on iPad than on laptop. The 9.7 inches screen offers moe apps and colours one would see on an iPhone. Managing emails could not have got easier than this. Typing on the onscreen keyboard is way easier than typing on a iPhone. With the bigger screen, you will enjoy a higher level of visual pleasure when watching videos, playing games and reading ebooks on it. Applications will now be more comprehensive since your iPad can run any application your iPhone and IPod can, but in a bigger screen. However, the iPad lacks a video-and-interactivity software made by Adobe, Flash. It is practically all over the web. Youtube runs on it, as does Hulu. It powers everything from online ads to Flickr slideshows to mortgage calculators. It's also increasingly common on smartphones running on android and other mobile devices. Apple may well be shooting itself in the iPad.

In Closing

After weighting my options, I decided to stand on the side of the "light" iPad with first hand experience. I totally agree serving the internet with the iPad is never like one on the desktop or laptop! Get one today!