Facial blushing is an extremely common response that many people experience in situations where they feel self-conscious to some extent. While it is normal and very widespread, most people find blushing to be an embarrassing problem, and it can lead to a vicious cycle in that feeling self-conscious about blushing leads to further feelings of embarrassment, which in turn cause even more blushing to occur!

While everyone blushes once in a while, for some people it happens a lot, sometimes to the extent that their social life suffers dramatically as a result. Excessive blushing can also affect people's financial health, as it may impact their job performance, or make them reluctant to attend interviews. So if it's having a negative impact on your life, you may be wondering if there is a cure for facial blushing.

Although there isn't a magic pill you can take that will make your blushes disappear forever, there are a number of methods that many people have found success with. The first thing to do, however, should be to visit your doctor, just to check that your blushing isn't caused by a physical problem. This is pretty rare, and most cases of blushing are related to emotional causes, but it's worth ruling out physical issues to start with.

Assuming that your blushing does not have a physical cause, you may want to look into solutions such as self-hypnosis. This aims to help you to reprogram your habitual response to social situations which normally cause anxiety. Although self-hypnosis scripts for overcoming blushing differ, you will in essence be visualising yourself in situations which would normally cause you to blush, but this time you are responding differently, in a more empowered, self-confident way. With time and practice, your subconscious mind will take on this new 'programming', and you will find that controlling your anxiety levels will be easier, and in turn, your old blushing response will be decreased or eliminated.

Other approaches that people have used to stop blushing include taking medications, such as those which reduce anxiety. However, it is not always healthy to take drugs on a long-term basis, so ideally it's better to work on the root cause of your blushing rather than just treating the symptoms. Using self-hypnosis (or other psychological approaches such as NLP) typically takes more time and effort than just popping a pill, but the results will be permanent and you won't experience unpleasant side-effects either. If blushing is a significant problem for you, it should certainly be worth the effort.