ozone earthHole in the Ozone Layer – Can it be Repaired?

The ozone layer is part of the stratosphere which is located directly above the air webreathe. Also, the ozone layer protects the Earth by preventing the sun's ultraviolet lightfrom reaching the Earth's surface. In addition, ultraviolet light is the cause of cataracts,disorders and skin cancer. Furthermore, this article focuses on if the hole in the ozonelayer can be repaired.

How does the ozone layer protect us from the sun? The ozone protects the Earth from thesun's ultraviolet light through interaction. The UV lights tend to hit the oxygen molecules located in the stratosphere. The oxygen molecules are split into two atoms of Oxygen.Eventually, the atom will confront another molecule. When the atom confronts anothermolecule, the atom and molecule will combine to make O3 which is ozone. As well as,UV light will tear the ozone back into an atom and molecule.

The process of the ozone layer protecting the Earth from the sun's UV lights is calledozone oxygen cycle. In addition, there are substances like chlorine located in thestratosphere that turns the ozone back into atoms and molecules. The breaking down and building up of the ozone is a stable process but the process can be affected by naturaldisasters like volcano eruptions. It's kind of hard to not notice that human activity hascaused the ozone oxygen cycle to become unstable. The instability is from the hole in theozone layer from human produced chemicals. One of the main chemical depleting theozone layer is chlorofluorocarbons.

During the winter months and spring months in Antarctica, complicated chemicalreactions are occurring that's destroying the ozone layer. In addition, the sun neverreaches the South Pole in the winter months. An air current forms around the South Pole and confines the air. Also, stratospheric clouds form in the air current. The clouds aremade of nitric acid and water ice. The sunlight arrives back into Antarctica during thespring months. The chemical reactions on the top layer of the stratospheric clouds are stillpresent. As well as, the chemical reactions break down chlorofluorocarbons into bromineand chlorine atoms. Furthermore, the bromine and chlorine atoms are very destructive tothe ozone and throws off the balance of the ozone layer.

The ozone hole is located over Antarctica because of stratospheric clouds and polarvortex. The thinner and larger the hole gets the more of an effect the damage will haveon the rest of the Earth. Furthermore, it would take a lot of energy to fix the hole in theozone layer but the ozone layer can be repaired with the elimination ozone-depletingcompounds.