Making Fad Diets Work

As a life time struggler with weight loss I have follow many diets and some with the promise of fast results, on several occasions I have lost the advertised potential results only to gain all the weight back after a longer period of time.

As time has gone by I have realized that the problem is not the diets themselves, but rather my inability to stay on healthy eating after finishing any particular diet.

I found true that for me some diets may work better than others, some have really helped me satiate my hunger during the diet period although I have found that always a good dose of will and determination is necessary.

I've learned that there is a level of calories at which one keeps or maintains current weight, in general I've read that it is around 1,200 to 1,600 for women and one consumes calories above this level one gains weight and if one consumes less one loses weight.

Most diets will provide foods or meals at this level or lower and as it is the case with fad, quick, fast or crash diets this level can go as low as 500 calories or even less and usually the lower the diet goes on calories the toughest is to follow but as I said with determination one can follow almost any diet for a brief period of time like a few days or a few weeks.

As I said before some diets also have a way through a combination of foods or supplements to make you feel more full than others therefore helping us stay on it easier and the less starvation you go through during the diet the easier it is not to go rabidly for junk foods after it.

What I have found is that if one makes a more broader plan than just follow a single diet and that's it, the chances of keep losing weight and keep it increase substantially.

The plan goes like this:

1. Realize that the only way to lose or maintain weight is through a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercise.

2. Learn from healthy diets or our own experience the foods, meals and recipes that are healthy and around the level of calories that maintain our weight, one quick hint to identify these is the food pyramid and advice as advertised in the CDC (Center for Disease Control) site of the government, it completely helps to have a diverse menu with foods and meals we know we enjoy without completely eliminating the things we love, just give it to ourselves in moderation, you can find a good list of calories of foods and calculate how much of what you love you can eat.

3. Identify activities and/or exercise that you can incorporate little by little in your daily routine.

4. Once you have all that information then you can look for a diet you think you can follow, I like to start with a fast diet for a brief period of time like two or three weeks where I can lose considerable weight fast (exercising will) and then a more healthy and balanced one  but, and here is the key to the whole thing, planning that at the end of each diet period not just leave yourself to the old habits but rather go to the plan of healthy eating and activities or exercise as you determined it in the first steps.

This may not be a silver bullet but I have found it as the only way to keep losses from any diet over the long run.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight for your weight loss efforts, I wish you the best of luck in your fight.