How To Live Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can easily be one of the biggest life changing experiences that one can have. Many people wonder if or how to obtain credit after bankruptcy, how to get a home after filing bankruptcy or how to get into a rental house or apartment after filing bankruptcy. Yes, upon the filing of this court protection, your credit scores will be shot, but only temporarily. Contrary to what many people believe, depending on what "phase of the game" you're in, yes, there is life after bankruptcy. It can be hard to realize this when you feel like you're at the bottom and can't figure out a way to break the surface. This article is meant to give you faith and hope that there is life after bankruptcy.

When an individual or a couple makes the difficult decision to file bankruptcy, there are often feelings of anger and resentment, inadequacy and failure that accompany this difficult decision. It's one of the most difficult decisions that anyone can make in their lifetime and it can be an emotional one. Bankruptcy should not be an emotional decision, it should be a financial decision, but it's difficult to adhere to this when this event becomes necessary.

Resist the urge to constantly check on your court case, especially if you have a competent attorney in charge of your case. Difficult as it might be, it is imperative to continue to live your life and not think about the bankruptcy constantly. It's okay and acceptable to some reflecting about some of the mistakes you may have made, or about some things that you may have done better if you had the opportunity, but to dwell on your bankruptcy to the point that you cease to function is not a good idea.

Whether you are in a chapter 13 or a chapter 7, view your bankruptcy as a fresh start. Filing bankruptcy gives you debt relief that you can't mirror, which can be a huge load off your back. If you're filing a chapter 13, take advantage of all the positive sides of it, such as cram downs and altering percentage rates, which you never could have had without filing bankruptcy.

Realize that tomorrow is another day, and your bankruptcy is enabling you to get a fresh start in life. These golden opportunities don't come around too often, so try to take advantage of it as much as you possibly can. Know that there is life after bankruptcy, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest, despite your financial difficulties.