Why Do You Believe In Alien Life?

Ever since man has become advanced and intelligent, we have been curious about everything around him.  This curiosity led to the development of tools, applications, technologies, and methods which improve our way of living and explain the things that affect us everyday.  However there is one belief that, although unproven, still keeps our attention... that there MUST be life in outer space. Why do we want to believe that's true? Let me elaborate.

Life In SpaceNo Man is an Island

It would be a pretty lonely feeling to believe that we were all alone in this big bad universe and nobody wants to feel alone.  Thus, from the time that man learned how to develop technologies to probe and send people or equipment through space, the goal of finding other beings outside our planet is part-and-parcel of our space missions. 


The concept of final destruction begets fear among men.  The search for other beings in space can only mean that Earth men will have a new destination should Armageddon happen.  We humans don't want to be wiped out of existence but given the way we treat our planet and each other it almost seems inevitable. Knowing that there was another place outside Earth that could sustain life like ours might give us some optimism.

We Are Social Animals

Just like other animals on this planet, human beings are social and are eager to meet their own kind.  It's a sad thought to consider that we are only the only creatures in the entire solar system.  Thus, man wants to meet other beings from other planets to exchange ideas and benefit from each other.

I Told You So

The abundance of characters in science fiction novels, movies, and other visual mediums needs validation.  Thus, man believes that there are other beings out there to prove that what fiction has created is actually real. This also proves accounts of alien abduction, explains crop circles or UFOs, government X-files, and other unexplainable phenomenon. 

Refute Traditional Beliefs

Culture and religion have inculcated their own set of beliefs into the minds of their people about how man and the universe were created.  As time goes by, more people are challenging traditions and beliefs.  Believing and having proofs that there are really aliens out there in space will break down the old beliefs and will put more order to the entire population.  One proof of existence is enough to break warring factions among culture and traditions.      

The hunt is still on and men will not stop their efforts to find these other beings. If you are one of those millions of people who also believe that there are other creatures out there in space, what are your reasons?  Care to share?!

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