I'm a writer and people are always surprised when I tell them about the fact that there is a trans fat that fights abdominal fat. It's the opposite of the unhealthy synthetic trans fat all nutritionists are against.

 You might not believe me yet, but it actually does exist. I'll explain.

 Everyone is well aware nowadays that the regular kind of trans fat is just terrible for you. It's probably one of the worst things you can possibly ingest. So stay far away from it of course. These lead to many different health problems most of which are very very serious and potentially fatal, so be careful. But you knew that already... at least I hope you did.

You should under no circumstances EVER eat these foods. Trust me. It's just not worth it.

 The bad trans fat causes you to gain fat. That's a fact. Whereas this other type of trans fat this article is based on actually helps you eliminate abdominal fat and helps you grow your muscles.

 You may be wondering where exactly can you find this miracle trans fat? The answer is pretty straightforward. You can get it from the meat and/or milk of various different animals including but not limited to: bison, goat, and sheep. This much healthier trans fat is called CLA(google it) and not only does it fight abdominal fat but it has anti-cancer properties too... talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

If you want to add a mega dose of CLA, make sure the animal meat or milk you are buying come from animals that have been fed grass, not grain.

I highly recommend you avoid CLA supplements at all cost. That's definitely not the way to go. The best solution is to get it directly from the animals I mentioned who were fed grass, not grain. If you buy supplements, you're buying synthetic CLA and it's not the same thing. The supplement form has absolutely no benefit despite whatever the label claims.

Again, it's important to note again that the only healthy trans fat is the kind that you would get from the meat and milk of animals like bison, goat, and sheep. Do not buy CLA supplements. If you follow this advice, you'll fight more abdominal fat and grow your muscles better.

Remember that 99.9% of trans fat is really unhealthy for you. That includes the trans fats from fried foods and fast food chains... avoid those! But there still is that 0.1% of trans fats called CLA that you now know about and hopefully you'll go out there and buy some of this meat and milk and get more fit.

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