The advertising world is drowning in claims of the best anti aging systems, and there is no relief in sight. Anti wrinkle creams, serums, supplements, and even anti aging clinics all claim to be the fountain of youth (in disguise). Aging skin is the big catch phrase for the anti aging skin products that dominate the shelves and the information highway about how not to (gasp) let any signs of age appear. Oh, when did aging gracefully go out of style?

This is not a bah, humbug, anti anti aging article. Rather it will sincerely question the hype that bombards us relentlessly, and take a more realistic approach to the joys of living each day in a state of mind that is as old or young as one chooses. Each decade is experienced differently. Hopefully one will have gained some tolerance, patience, and kindliness towards oneself and others. Wisdom is gained via experience, and of course the more one experiences, the more one ages. That doesn’t mean one looks older, it has nothing to do with the outside. Like happiness, aging is an inside job.

Some people believe there is no such thing as aging, and that humans were meant to get younger in body, as they age. There is that science about the body totally regenerating every 7 years. Cool, we get to have a new body at 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 …. 63, 70. That’s the math, and isn’t 60 the new 40? If so, it didn’t happen with all the anti aging treatments that are somewhat dubious. It is a state of mind phenomenon. It is kind of like, “you are what you eat.” That tired cliche can be changed to “you are as old or young as you believe you are” type statement. You are your thoughts. Really, people die of ignorance frequently - not taking care of their health ignorance.

Anti Aging Diet
Sure, there are tons of them out there. Some of them may be quite helpful, but whether they actually keep one from aging is an eternal question going back to the Greek gods/goddesses, and probably before them. The good thing about the diets are the antioxidant foods brought to aware readers. Many of the foods mentioned are excellent sources of needed nutrients. Some examples:

  • Cucumbers have large amounts of silica which is vital in collagen production, and magnesium (a huge bonus).
  • Lemons are alkalyzing (better than acidic) fruits that clean toxins from your body. It also has vitamin C which is also vital to collagen production.
  • Beets are way awesome with phytonutrients that purify and help with digestion. Also a compound called uridine that aids in dopamine maintenance is in beets. Dopamine helps in stress reduction.

lemons- wikimedia commons

Each of the examples have many more wonderful qualities that are good for one’s body. I keyed in on the collagen word because it is so over-used and abused with the anti aging products. One can get it naturally through certain foods. Stress is another ager according to those anti aging gurus, and it may be true, so eat beets! Even the health benefits of radish offer anti aging goodies, like a circulation aid. Drinks such as apple cider vinegar provide remedies for bone health, digestion, and weight loss to name a few.

Anti Aging Exercise
This is a mega industry that continues to blossom into obsession for some. It is still good for the awareness of the benefits of exercise. The day of the couch potato is nearing an end. I do feel sorry for the tots ‘n tiaras crowd (they took it to an extreme that will no doubt cause aging and mental illness). All this awareness is good if there is no shame ‘n blame attached to the fat folks. You see, it does get back to state of mind. That’s why yoga has mushroomed. Extreme athletes know it is a state of mind. Think how focused and single minded they must be. Other Eastern practices (tai chi, karate, aikido, etc.) have also gained great popularity in the West.

One practice that has five Tibetan Rites comes from a book, The Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder (1939 health classic). The rites are not considered exercises, yet means to get the 7 energy vortexes moving so vital life energy is not lost. The vortexes are the on the endocrine glands (pituitary, pancreas, reproductive, thymus, adrenal, thyroid and pineal). They are also known as chakras. These rites are considered by many to be the best anti aging method.

I can speak from personal experience that performing these rites daily definitely makes for a better life force in physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental states. I was given a copy of them many years ago, and practiced them diligently for years. Now it is time to return to them as I have been practicing other methods for some time (I believe in change). It’s funny because of late I have been told by other people (my Dr. included) that I look a decade younger than I am. I usually say “Thank you, I meditate.” Now it dawns on me that practicing these rites may well have something to do with my youthful looks.

Youthing instead of aging is one of the benefits claimed in this book of ancient secrets of the fountain of youth. It is accessible online now, in fact I believe the 5 Rites are downloadable for free too. Later versions are more commonly found. In the original book, there is a sixth rite for celibacy. The endocrine system is responsible for the body’s aging process so these rites make a great deal of medical sense since they work to get the energy vortexes from blocking.

Nowadays it is easier to have an anti aging lifestyle. Thinking young is an almost required task for survival in the digital world. Many of us have “pre-computer” brains, or “pre-digital” mind sets that we have had to adjust accordingly or die. Just kidding. Optimistic outlooks do survive longer than the pessimistic outlooks. Mood has an effect on the immune system which in return affects the brain function. State of mind does influence aging.