Is there a charity that can help me pay my rent? If you are looking for a quick and easy answer, then yes, there is. In fact, there may be more than one out there that can offer assistance to you, so you can keep your apartment or home. If you are falling behind and need some aid to keep from being homeless, then you should know about some options you have. Here is a charity or two that can help you pay your rent or even your mortgage. Let's look at some of the places to check out.  You may want to check out all the places to get temporary help for needy families.

Charitable Organizations



The first place many people look when they need a charity that can help them pay the rent is The Salvation Army. This is with good reason, since The Salvation Army is well known for offering assistance to those that need it. Simply contact them and see if they can offer you some form of aid. Unfortunately, the demand for the funds generally exceeds the money they actually have for this program, so it's not always possible to get the assistance from them when you need it. Still, if you are asking, is there a charity that can help me pay my rent, you now know the first place to look.  For many, this is preferable to applying for government welfare programs.

State and Federal Programs



If you are looking for a charity that can help you pay your rent, you may want to simply look into some of the state and federal programs out there designed to aid those in need. Contact your state's Department of Human Resources to find out if you have a rental assistance program where you live. You never know what type of financial benefits you can get until you check. A trip to your local courthouse could get you steered in the right direction. You could even find emergency aid for electric bills.

Local Options



If you are looking for a charity that can help you pay your rent, you may simply be able to take a trip downtown. Many churches may be willing to give you a hand during your time of need, so you don't get evicted. In many cases, you will not need to be a member of the specific church, but it may vary.  If you don't have luck, consider applying for low income housing.

Local civic groups are one more option to consider if you are looking to find a charity that can help you pay your rent, so you don't get eviction papers. Simply call your local Lyons or Elk's lodge, along with any other organization in your area, to see if you can get a hand.