The question is: I have a teenager, is there a good home remedy for acne? The answer: Yes, there is. It is so expensive to buy all of the different products on the market right now without a guarantee that it is even going to work. So lock up your wallet. It is time go au natural.

You look in the mirror and you see blackheads or pimples; so what you can do is walk to your kitchen and cut open a lemon. Applying lemon juice to a pimple can help reduce the size and helps to keep skin acne free. However, keep in mind that lemon juice on the skin also increases sun burns, so be careful to not stand in direct sunlight after use. The best time to use it is at night before bed.

How about garlic? Yes, garlic is another well known home remedy for curing acne. Not only should you eat raw garlic to help cleanse your blood, but try taking some and rubbing it on your affected areas. It sounds crazy, but rubbing garlic on those areas a few times a day is said to help with acne. But, the smell that follows you may not be exactly worth it. Keep perfume on hand!

Some people even use egg yolk. It is an old school technique where you just apply the yolk to those places where the acne keeps popping up. Just make sure you let it dry completely before you wash it off. This is not one of the most popular remedies, but it is still used by many people.

Instead of cutting up cucumber for your salad, how about trying it out on your face? Grate it and spread it over your face. Make sure you leave it on for a good fifteen minutes before washing it all off. Incorporating this into your normal routine definitely helps to improve skin, usually within a week or two.

But what really is the best home remedy for acne? Unfortunately, it differs per person. What may work for one person may not work for another. But what is a proven factor in acne control is keeping your skin clean and eating a fairly healthy diet. Though chocolate once being linked to causing acne has been proven to be a myth, it still does not hurt to eat good foods.

Drinking plenty of water is another clear way to prevent acne. It keeps your skin glowing and healthy. The main cause of acne is clogged pores, and water cleans the toxins out of our system. But also try to lessen the amount of stress in your life. As well as always removing your make up before going to bed. Keeping pores open is so very important.

An important thing to remember though is to never pick or pop a pimple that has already popped up. It is our first instinct to do this, but this leads to irritation and sometimes infection. You also do not want to use toothpaste on pimples. This home remedy used to be popular, but now there are so many chemicals in our toothpaste that would not be feasible to use on the skin.

Some people would rather buy an acne medication at the store. Or perhaps see commercials for a popular medication that works beautifully. They do work well, but here are the benefits of using natural cures for acne: less likely to cause irritation from different chemicals, less expensive than prescriptions, and better for your skin overall.

Though you may find a good home remedy for acne, remember that it may not work for everyone else. Consulting a dermatologist before any treatment is always recommended. Acne can definitely be a hassle but it doesn't have to be. And you don't always have to spend the big bucks to treat such a common problem that all of us have faced.