Many travelers wonder about which seat, in airplane, is safest to travel. Well the truth is that there is noInterior of an AirplaneCredit: via Wikimedia Commonsne seat in airplane which is risk aversive. The reason being that in case of any accident, the entire plane is at risk.

Few people are of the view that seats near the emergency exit are the safest seats as in case of any incident they can escape easily. However, the reality is different, fire may start at any place in the plan and if it starts neat emergency exit, the person setting close to it will be in the same situation as those who are sitting away from it.

The only factor that can reduce risk while being in airplane is how attentive one is. To be on the safer mode, seat has nothing to do, all you need is to be alert and be a good observer about your surroundings, which means you have to be more careful and cautious about any unusual incident that you may feel or see in plane.

When you enter the plan observe and note the location of exit doors and pay attention to the instruction. Don’t over dose yourself with alcoholic drinks. Try to be sensible and don’t do anything that can be dangerous for you and others. Do not use sharp edged things in plane and be careful with hot drinks as well. Also avoid carrying to heavy hand carries.

Air travel is considered to be the safest travel mode as the rate of accidents is negligible. However, in case of any unfortunate accident don’t panic and stay composed. Try to help yourself and others as well.  In many cases the casualties after accidents could have been controlled if fear and uproar had not broken among the travelers.

Remember that there is no such thing as a safe seat in plane, all the seats can be safe if the passenger seated on it act in a sensible way. So to avoid travel risk one has to be more responsible rather than being choosy about seat.