Unemployment Insurance has been a safe guard and life saver for many families. If you are unexpectedly laid off from your job then the money you receive from unemployment can help sustain your life until you get another job.

In theory unemployment is only suppose to be for people while they look for a job. Unfortunately many people abuse the system. Why would you go get a job when you can sit at home and continue to receive unemployment benefits? I am not faulting these people at all as I would also be more apt to keep receiving unemployment benefits until my time was up and then be forced to look for work.

If I could receive unemployment then I could sit at home and write articles full time and not have to worry about it. I actually wish I could get laid off so I could draw unemployment checks for the State. If I could receive unemployment benefits for 6 months to a year then I could write full time. During my time on unemployment I could build up the number of articles I have that earn residual income. I could also write for upfront pay from websites such as Break Studios and TextBroker.

Although this would be nice I do not think that I will get laid off. In addition, this is not the spirit of the law. Technically to be eligible for unemployment benefits you need to be actively looking for work. How many of us would actively look for work? How many people do you know that milk the unemployment benefits for everything they can?

It is easy for us to criticize those who take advantage of the unemployment insurance. We imply that we work and they need to get off their butt and work instead of living off of the system. The thing about that though is many of the people who say stuff like that will also capitalize on their unemployment benefits and milk it for all it is worth if they were to ever get laid off.

Some people do actively look for work and struggle to find it. For the most part people can not find a job that pays remotely close to what they were making before. In these cases they figure that they might as well keep taking the unemployment checks for as long as they can. Can we fault these people on this habit? I don't think so.

Is Unemployment Insurance A Failed Program? Many people may believe that unemployment insurance is a failed program but that fact is the money we pay out for unemployment has been proven to keep crime lower. It also comes back to the local community as the person receiving the unemployment check buys groceries, pays their car mechanic, pays rent, purchases clothing, and all other ways that the person spends their money locally.

Unemployment insurance helps take a heavy burden off of the Churches and food banks that help to feed and clothe the poor.

Is Unemployment Insurance A Failed Program? There is a lot of abuse involved with unemployment insurance but I think the benefits far out weigh the negatives. What do you think?