Going From Baggy Urban Clothing To Preppy

Urban clothing has certainly established itself as the “in” thing for quite a few years now. From the inner cities of The U.S. to the streets of Brazil, and even all the way to Asia, fashion has continued to see a shift in how it operates. For some time the urban fashion scene has seen a baggier, looser approach to apparel, but as of recent, urban culture has decided to start a change to a more preppy style. Even urban clothing UK brands are noticing this shift, and have accommodated with some of the freshest styles that anyone in the industry has seen. But why the change?

First we should be clear that urban clothing has always been synonymous with change, and its style has never stayed the same since its inception many years ago. For almost 15 years the top urban clothing stores have made their money on selling baggy clothes to their consumers, conceding that they didn’t want any other style of clothing. This was at the time mainstream thinking largely based off of the hip hop stars that made most of the top brands famous. But now it appears that hip hop has passed the torch from baggy wear to more subdued style worldwide.

Like most hip hop fans most people recognize the trends that exist in fashion only through their favourite artists. So when one of the world’s top hip hop artists, and mens urban clothing designer decided to state that he was thirty plus and wore nice fitting jeans and a button up, fans followed suit.  More importantly, other artist also followed this trend and the industry has slowly started to change ever since. While there are still those who feel that urban clothing at its roots are baggy clothes, it is easy to see that this isn’t always the case and to understand the culture you should understand every aspect.

If you look throughout the hip hop industry, and beyond to the top athletes of the world that walk hand in hand with urban clothing you may be surprised at what you see. Many of the most influential people in urban culture have been seen wearing cardigans, blazers with jeans, or even sweater vests, all items that were considered to be too preppy for most urban clothing brands not even a decade ago. However now it is considered to be the established way to dress, and to not dress this way make you the outcast.

As it has done so many time in the past urban hip hop clothing has passed the torch to the next generation in an effort to let the culture live on. With this passing the next generation has chosen to embrace the more subdued style of fashion, and this in turn allows individuals to express themselves without ridicule from those who refuse to educate themselves in urban culture. Urban clothing has always tried to push the envelope to be not only recognized by pop culture as relevant, but to also stay true to its roots and stay urban as well, and with the current change in fashion it appears that this has finally happened for most major designers.