Both men and women have hair on their faces. The only difference is that the hair that grows on a woman's face is a softer and finer. This makes it hard to notice. The problem begins when the hair becomes thicker and darker. This is very embarrassing for women and it can be a big turn-off for men.

Women are defined by their femininity and dark facial hair isn't very feminine. Women are not looking to enhance their masculine side, so they very much want to get rid of the facial hair. According to studies made, facial hair on women can appear for many different reasons. But the most common associated reason is related to chemical reactions in the body. If you have dark hair growing on your face, you do not have to live with it. You can do something to it with the facial epilator.

There are many effective facial hair removal products. One of them is the facial epilator. Although its effects are temporary and only last for a month or so, it is still a good solution for unwanted facial hair. The Epilady hair removal device or facial epilator has a rotating head, which is similar to the use of tweezers. By using this device, the face will be hair free and when the hair does grow back, it will be thinner, lighter and more sparse, especially with repeated use. It also removes the facial hair by the root, which is more effective than shaving or waxing. This semi-permanent method of removing hair will likely make the hair disappear for 4 to 6 weeks before you have to repeat the procedure again.

There are different kinds of epilators. It would be best to chose one with a pivoting head as it provides a better ease of use as it will conform to contour of your face. This can help avoid and pinches or snags of the skin. There are also some cordless varieties. There battery-powered epilators that provide even more ease of use because you do not have a cord to tangle with. The only downside is that if the facial epilator isn't fully charged, then it will have to recharge before you can use it. These kind of facial epilator devices offer more comfort and help the skin to be relaxed during the process and make the job easier.

Aside from using a facial epilator, there are also other methods, which are effective in removing unwanted facial hair. A well-known procedure is threading, but it is time consuming. This method is very effective, but you will need lots of time and practice to get it right. Here is how it works. A length of cotton threads are intertwined and skillfully stroked across the face. With this particular motion, the facial hair gets caught in the threads and is pulled out by the roots. As it was mentioned earlier, it's a bit time consuming and you'll need to practice in order to get the technique down pat. That being said, threading hair removal is a great way to remove facial hair.

Creams are also available, but since they do not pull the hair out by they root, they are about as effective as shaving. Some creams also have side effects, such as irritation, rashes and redness of the skin.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal are two of the most costly methods in removing unwanted facial hair. These methods are effective, but they can be more painful compared to the other techniques. Qualified and certified specialists are the only persons allowed to perform these methods. So, if you are planning to undergo either of the two procedures, you should make sure to choose a good doctor or technician who is qualified and trustworthy in order to avoid unwanted results.

The facial hair removal products are as varied as their prices. You can spend thousands of dollars or you can spend several hundred it just depends on the results that you want to achieve. Some people are worried about the side effects of lasers as many are unfamiliar with the new procedure and all of the long term effects are not known. It is better to be safe than sorry in this instance. Lasers are a form of radiation and that could pose as a significant health risk.

The final method of hair removal is call body sugaring. A paste made of sugar, lemon juice and water is used to remove the unwanted facial hair. This taffy-like paste is spread across the skin and ripped off with a skilled stroke. Not only does it remove the hair by the roots, but it also removes the layer of dead skin off your face. This is beneficial for someone who also needs exfoliation as well as hair removal.

It is up to you what method will you choose. But clearly, the method using the facial epilator device is one of the most affordable and reliable techniques in removing facial hair. There aren't any side effects like you would get with lasers or creams. That is something desirable with any consumer product.

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