Health Benefit of Vegetables

We all know that vegetables areIs Vegetable Juice Good For You?(120395) a necessary part of a good balanced diet and provide our bodies with many vitamins but is vegetable juice good for you?


The convenience of gaining the benefits of vegetables as a juice has become quite popular, however many experts believe that you should not replace whole vegetables with juice all of the time.


Is commercial vegetable juice good for you?


It Is Vegetable Juice Good For You?(120396)Credit: wikepediais recommended to check commercial vegetable juice contents as many contain a large amount of sodium, which consumed in excess, can increase your chances of developing high blood pressure, possibly leading to heart disease, kidney disease or a stroke. The recommended daily intake of sodium is between 500 mg and 1000 mg, which equates to only about a half, to one and a half teaspoons of table salt. Commercial juices are also usually not made using organic vegetables and therefore the added risk of pesticide contamination exists.


Is homemade vegetable juice good for you?


If you are making your own vegetable juice at home with a juice extractor be sure to include the pulIs Vegetable Juice Good For You?(120397)p, as this is the most fibre rich part. Fibre is very important in all diets as it keeps the digestive system functioning properly and aids in the defecation of toxins from the body. If toxins are left sitting in the intestine or bowel for too long this can cause a build-up and lead to several diseases including bowel cancer.


Blending your own vegetable juice can be very time consuming but it is important to note that it is also highly perishable and should be consumed as soon as possible after preparing.


It is recommended to use vegetables that grow above ground rather than those that grow below due to the lower sugar content and to not mix fruit with vegetables.


How much vegetable juice is good for you?


A vIs Vegetable Juice Good For You?ery common mistake with any type of juice is too much consumption. This can potentially overwhelm your body with nutrition, which causes too much stimulation and can create negative effects. The body needs nutrition to heal and stay healthy, however even too much of a good thing can be the difference between being medicinal or toxic.


Also ensure that you do not replace meals with vegetable juice as they contain very little protein and virtually no fat so they are not a complete food.


So when responding to the question ‘is vegetable juice good for you?’ the answer is yes, especially homemade varieties that include the pulp and are consumed immediately and in moderation.