Summary of Breaking Bad

I'm pretty sure many have seen Breaking Bad. The story of a chemistry teacher, Walter White, who turns to the schools drug addict for help once he found out that he was diagnosed with cancer. He is willing to do anything and everything in his power to secure a bright future for his wife and kids, even if that means becoming the next drug lord.

Throughout the whole series, you'll come to realize that Walter White has changed from a loving husband and father, to a money hungry drug dealer. He enters the scene with the help of Jesse Pinkman, the school's drug addict, who will eventually become Walter's right-hand man in his unknowing journey to becoming the next drug lord. Both Walter and Jessie go through an ordeal in order to get to where they initially wanted to be, but the whole process changed both of them.

Ulterior Motives

As many of you know, Walter becomes a ruthless man throughout the show, but is he truly a bad man? Maybe in simple eyes, but if you pay attention to his motives, and reasons behind every shady thing that he has done, it was for the sake of his own life and of the ones he loved. Here are a few instances that I've collected:

First Timer
Credit: Cropped from YT
Walter was about to get killed by the two thugs. He had to improvise and knock them out by mixing together some deadly concoction.
Jane's death
Credit: Cropped from YT
Walter genuinely cares about Jesse and would rather her die with the consequences of Jess's despair (which Walter predicts it won't be permanent) than to have her bring Jesse down.
Walter Saves Jesse's Life
Credit: Cropped from YT
In this scene, Walter saves Jesse from rival drug dealers. Even with the DEA's on Walters tail, he still risked blowing his cover just to save Jesse.
Gus Explodes
Credit: from youtube
This image portrays Gus Fring and his final moments. The reason why Walter helped Hector eliminate Gus was because he was a huge threat to Walter and his family. Walter was afraid for Jesse's life once he realized that Gus had someone work with Jesse and learn from him. This just meant that Gus no longer needed Walter or Jesse. Gus was the biggest threat of all because he was able to threaten Walters family,  Jesse, and Hank.
Credit: Image taken from YouTube
I cannot stress enough how Walters true color was revealed in this scene. On the surface, he's ruthless, selfish, and rash as many would convey him but he never intended on putting any of his loved ones in harms way. Throughout the whole span of drug association, he never once did anything without a good reasoning and was even for the benefit of those he cared about.
Phone Call
Credit: I got this from a video clip
Walter is in the bar calling his son even after everything that has happened. Becoming a wanted man, killing two DEA officers, Walter still tries to give money to his family. This was his initial plan to begin with, to get enough money to fund his son and baby daughter through college when he's no longer around.
Walter Threatens Gretchen and Elliot
Credit: Taken from Youtube
After his son openly stated how much he hated Walter and wished that he would of died from his cancer, Walter still cared for him. He ends up threatening Gretchen and Elliot with two fake snipers that they had to deliver the money to his family no matter what for the upcoming years when Walter would no longer be around.