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WebAnswers Is The Next Best Thing



Making money on the internet today is a trial and error game, especially with sites like WebAnswers. There are so many places that claim you can make money using their site and the only way to know is to do it yourself. So that is what I did.

You find an account of my findings to far on and what I have accomplished on the site so far.

What Is WebAnswers

WebAnswers is a question and answer site. You go to the site and ask questions to a large forum of participators. For every question you ask, a new page is made. When you ask a question, people will answer it to the best of their ability. Your job is to get the information you were looking for and then award the person with the best answer by choosing their answer.

Likewise, you can answer questions on the site as well. There are over 32 to different main categories with tons of subcategories inside those. You choose a category that you know something about and answer whatever questions you can under that category. Your goal is to give the best information that you can and get your answer chosen by the person who asked the question.

How Is It Set Up

The pages are set up with a standard format that incorporates Google Adsense over various places on the page. The layout is so simple. There is a large banner ad on the left side of the question, there is a horizontal Adsense banner across the top, and a box Adsense tab right under the answer.

It is set up for a natural ad progression. You gravitate towards the ads.

How Do You Make Money On WebAnswers

There are a few ways to make money on WebAnswers. The first way is to ask questions. If you ask a question you are rewarded a share of the profit made from Google Adsense on every 4th page view. So if someone was to click on an ad on the 4th page view, you will be given a percentage of the profit.

The next way you can make money is by answering questions. If you answer a question, you are given a percentage of the earnings that question page makes while it is still active.

The real way to make money on the site is through your awarded answers. Once one of your answers is awarded, you get a few things. All revenue from that question will be split 60 - 40 to you for a whole year. Also, you get ads placed over the website with your tracking codes on them. So the more you are awarded, the more ads on the entire site you will have.

The last way you can make money is through the referral program. If you refer someone to the site you get a percentage of all the page impressions that person makes while they are on the site.

Pros To WebAnswers

Here is a brief list of some pros about WebAnswers.

  • Easy To Use - The site is completely automated. All you have to do is answer 10 questions and then you can sign up with your Google account. After that, all you do is answer questions or ask them, and the site does the rest for you. It places ads and pays you without you having to worry about it.
  • Plenty Of Questions To Answer - The site has so many questions to be answered and as the site grows, the amount of questions added grows with it. It is really nice to have new questions all the time.
  • You Can Make Money With Out Being Awarded - You can make money on the site without being awarded an answer. If you ask questions and attempt to answer them, you can make some money.
  • Consistent Growth - The site is growing by leaps and bounds now. That makes it super stable.

Cons To WebAnswers

  • Tracking - You can track a category but you can't track individual ads. Some people really like to do this but you cannot on this site.
  • No Control Over Placement - You cannot control the placement of ads and what type they will be. This can affect how many clicks you get and what you end up making from the site in general. 
  • 60% - 40% split - You can only make up to 60% on clicks from awarded answers. Some sites offer more and with more of a percentage, you would bring in more money. 
  • Someone Else Controls Your Awarded Answer - Someone else controls weather or not you get an answer awarded to you. Since this is someone elses decision, they may not like your answer and you may not make money because of this.

Can You Make Real Money From WebAnswers?

I started on WebAnswers a little under a month ago and I have some promising results so far. Shortly after I started, when I finished my 10 answers and opened up my Adsense account with WebAnswers, I started getting page impressions.

It was funny at first because I have no idea where they were coming from. I thought that there was some crazy mistake going on. But, as I looked into it, I realized that they were coming from my new account with WebAnswers.

Then, I got a click on the 3rd day I was there. It blew my mind. I started making money nearly right away. Then, I started making money every other day. I was so excited. I half expected it to stop. Now, I am making money everyday. I am making between $1 to $2 each day and I have only been there for a little less than a month.

It is safe to say that the site works. If you want to sign up, go to and follow the instructions when you get there. You wont be disappointed and of coarse, it is all totally free.

Happy trails and good luck. If you have any questions or experiences with WebAnswers that you would like to discuss, please post below.

Also, please pass this along to your friends.