I just discovered that Wikio Experts had launched in English, and applied to join. I was a bit sceptical about joining a site that doesn't seem to have much press or reviews, but after doing a lot of Google searching on their french counterparts I can confirm it is a real, french company and the french freelancers who write there are very satisfied about it.

How Much Does Wikio Experts Pay

Wikio experts allows you to write articles for revenue share, for an upfront or for a mix of both. However, and here is the catch, the revenue share is capped at specific amounts and you will only get revenue share for a year. So in a way is more similar to Demand Studios than to a traditional revenue share site such as Infobarrel.

Right now you can earn:

  • Up to 3€ in revenue share only articles, on titles you suggest yourself. Writing at least one of those titles on a category is prerequisite to be allowed to claim paid assignments on their marketplace for that category.
  • Up to 8€ upfront only once you have attained a level of seniority on a single sub-category. This is done by writing 10 articles to that subcategory. All other upfront only titles are either 3 or 5€.
  • Up to 55€ on a mix of revenue share and upfront payment:
    • €10: €1,5 fixed + up to €8,5 variable
    • €15: €2,5 fixed + up to €12,5 variable
    • €20: €4 fixed + up to €16 variable
    • €55: €15 fixed + up to €40 variable

While the potential is there, you will still need to promote your articles to earn all of your revenue share. However, the higher paying articles are a nice upgrade from Demand Studios 15$ titles given the conversion rate between Euros and Dollars.

They pay once a month and only via paypal. This means everybody is welcome to apply, though they do request you use british spelling. Everything is edited pre-publication, so unless you have a decent grasp of the british language and can follow their editorial guidelines you won't be making any money. I personally have no problem with them, but it's definitely not one of those sites where everything goes. I'd think their editorial demands are similar to Infobarrel.

How Does Wikio Experts Work

Wikio Experts is divided in categories, called Universes. Those categories are also divided in subcategories. To start claiming assignments on a specific Universe you will need to write a test article for revenue share only, on that Universe. Once your article is edited and approved you will be able to claim up to 5 payment upfront articles.

Once you write 10 articles on the same category and all are approved you can take up to 10 assignments at a time and access higher paying ones on that category. Once you create over 100 articles on that category you get higher revenue share and can reserve even more articles. And once you reach a thousand articles on a single category you get even higher revenue share and can reserve up to 20 articles.

If you are used to Demand Studios, Wikio Experts is considerably more relaxed both about formats and about the need to resource everything. You can write from your own experience, as long as it's professional, informative and on topic, and avoids first person "bloggy style" writing. The articles need to be between 350 and 450 words, and so far there's what seems an endless availability of suitable topics, at least on my fields.

And they also review things in less than 24h so far. Now if only they paid twice a week...


You can sign up to Wikio Experts by providing a sample of your work and a brief explanation of your credentials as a writer, but since you won't be able to write to any category unless you pass the "trial" article please abstain if you are a spammer or article spinner that happened to read this article. Their editors are friendly but won't let bad writing go through. It is also not a place to build back links or market your business. But if you are looking to diversify your writing portfolio or get a bit of extra cash upfront, it's worth giving it a try.