You need a blog, and not just any blog, a fancy blow the fish out the water type blog. If your a regular Joe Smoe you have no idea where to go from here. So you search on the web "How to make a blog". The first links that show up are: what is Wordpress, best free Wordpress themes, cheap Web Designers, and free Web Design. "Hmmmm....Wordpress or possibly getting a Web Designer is the way to go" you say. Doing research on each topic you find out that...

Web Design

The good old web design. That previous statement is similiar to say, "That good old 1959 Chevy, nothing like it". Why is nothing like it? Because its a classic, it has class, it has thought and design put into it. Same with web design. A web designer has to use creativity to tailer the website to the needs of the buyer. You cannot give a Baker a website template for a Computer Repair shop, it wouldn't work. When you come up with a theme the effort put into designing that is very time consuming but, you get exactly what you want. One the flipside, that effort cost money. Oops, did i throw in that horrible word that makes everyone cringe? Yep. That effort cost money and it ain't cheap people. A nice simple website might cost an upwards of $500. Web Design is more like going to a baker and tell him what exactly you want on a expensive cake then buying a premade cake from Wal-mart.

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You go to a automobile dealership and see a row of exactly the same car just different colors. Wordpress is sorta like that. And lets make this dealership a Honda dealership, because they are cheap. So you pick a black Honda Civic because it fits you and you can afford it. That Ladies and Gentlemen is wordpress in a nutshell. There are many cheap themes out there that you can use to tailer a website to your specific needs, be it a blog, e-commerce, or portfolio site. Wordpress has it all. Coupled with easy as one two three installation you cant go wrong. Flipside? Well anyone can buy that template so you wont be alone with the look and feel of the website. But hey, some people don't care to be different. You bought your black honda and smile ear to ear, even though the car infront, beside, and behind you are the same car.

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So is Wordpress killing Web Design? Are there more Honda Civics then 1959 Chevys on the road?