Xowii EnergyFirst and foremost, let me tell you that Xowii is definitely not a scam.

Xowii as a network marketing business has been around since October 4th and has already set world records for the fastest growth in network marketing history.

The Product - Xowii

Xowii is a health and wellness company, and like any good company has a great product line to support the business. Currently Xowii has two products, Xowii Energy and Xowii Thin. Xowii Energy is intended to be a healthy alternative to energy drinks while Xowii Thin is designed to help suppress appetite and improve weight loss through metabolic stimulation. To make things even better, both products contain your entire daily intake of fruits and vegetables and over 5700 antioxidants per serving. Antioxidants are used to fight off free radicals, free radicals are responsible for developing cancer.

Xowii and Timing

In business, they say that 95% of success comes from choosing the right business at the right time. The health and wellness business is going nowhere but up as more and more Americans are becoming obese, making the demand for these products progressively greater. The timing for Xowii couldn't be better and since the product line just launched you don't have to worry about saturation that exists with other network marketing products. With Xowii you are getting involved on the ground floor in the infancy of the company.

My Xowii Experience

I've been promoting Xowii and recruiting new distributors for just over a week and already have already signed six distributors and have over 15 in my downline thanks to the support of my team. This is the first MLM I've ever participated in, and I have to give a huge thanks to Xowii Vancouver for training me as hard as they did and helping me promote my business to where it is today. If you aren't on a good team in this business, you are fighting an uphill battle. If I continue to trend the way I have been up to this point, I should hit Xowii Bronze by the end of the month which equates to about $20,000 USD a year; not bad a few weeks worth of my time.

I'll end this article with a quick Xowii Video to get you excited ! Good luck with your downlines people!

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