If you have made the decision to invite your nearest and dearest family and friends over for a backyard party, you likely have envisioned the perfect party in your head. A great backyard party will feature great company with good conversations and laughter, music and fun activities that will provide hours of fun, and plenty of delicious food and refreshing drinks. Before your party date draws near, you should take some time to look around your backyard and ensure it's ready for the gathering you have envisioned. 

Comfort of Your Guests
The comfort of your guests is key to hosting the perfect event. Nothing can ruin a backyard party faster than having everyone run inside your home to get out of scorching heat or other foul rather. They may also meander indoors to find a comfortable place to sit if they cannot find someplace to sit outside. Consider how many people you have invited to the party, and take inventory of how much seating your yard provides. If necessary, you can purchase additional seating options like patio swings, lounge chairs, benches, and more. Your guests will not want to stand up during your entire party. Further, also consider if your backyard offers any protection from the elements. Shade sails can be installed in your backyard to offer protection from the sun, and they still allow the breeze to circulate air for additional comfort.

Food and Drink Capabilities
Another factor to consider is your ability to prepare and serve food and drinks for all of your guests. Most people who host a backyard party prefer to keep guests outdoors as much as possible, so it makes sense to review table space and other areas that can be used to serve food and drinks. Some guests may dine with their plates on their laps, but others may like to sit at a table to eat. You will also need a table to or a trolley to hold drink cups, blended drink pitchers, appetizers, and dishes for your main meal. It may be necessary to buy the trolleys or borrow a foldout table from a friend. Placing a few large coolers in your backyard may serve useful so your guests can have easy access to bottled water, soda, and beer. If children will be present at the party, be sure to offer juice boxes or other kid-friendly beverages.

Guest Entertainment
It may be difficult to imagine getting your best friends and closest family members together and not enjoy good times with your favorite people. However, it is wise to provide guests with some additional forms of entertainment beyond watching you prepare foods at the barbecue grill. Music is a “must” for any backyard barbecue, so consider if you have outdoor speakers and other capabilities for playing music across your backyard. Also consider other entertainment options such as backyard sports games for both adults and kids.

Lawn Maintenance
Within a few days of your party, you will want to perform necessary lawn maintenance. Mow and trim your grass. If necessary, pull weeds from flower beds and trim back trees. Sweep off the patio, and clean your grill. If you have pets, you will want to walk across your yard and clean up all pet messes before your guests arrive. Nothing can ruin a guest's time more at your party than stepping on a pet mess in your backyard.

When you take these basic steps to prepare your yard for a party, you will set the stage for an amazing time with your friends and family. Then you simply need to provide food and drinks on the day of the party!