It seems just like an automatic thing that when a child reaches that certain age, she or he is thinking of the big day, marching into the classroom, but it doesn't always work out like that. Back in the day it was just a given that all kids started school at the same age, whether they were ready or not.

You could see those that were obviously not ready, but that didn’t matter because it was something which you just didn't think about. This is something to watch even starts before kids hit kindergarten.

School readiness for kindergarten

Nobody can tell if there is a single way to show if children are actually ready for kindergarten. It comes down to the child's development at the end of the day. They need to be able to think logically as well as interact socially and speak clearly.

It would be a huge disappointment for a child to start kindergarten and realize that he or she has to stay back, so making sure that you watch for the signs. However, it is definitely difficult to tell if your child is able to carry out tasks equally well in all area. Some kids will be able to think better and others are more socially advanced.

If you are especially worried about this, then send them off to a paediatrician or someone who has experience working with kids and get a second opinion. If you are surrounded by a group of other kids, ask yourself if your child is fitting in with the others. Is he or she joining in with the activities and following instructions like the other kids.


There are certain things kids need to do by this stage. For example going to the bathroom by themselves should not be a problem and saying a couple of letters from the alphabet, remembering things you have told them should be expected. Is your child interested in books or is the attention span not much to speak about.

Getting along with other kids is important and this will be one of the signs. These are just some of the things you can see yourself, but if it all adds up then they should definitely see a professional to be assessed.

The School readiness program

Starting school is a big step. It's any child's big day and this is an exciting time. They will have their backpack ready loaded with pens and pencils rearing to go. If kids are not ready to go to school and find they have to stay back and make a new set of friends it can be incredibly traumatic for them and this is why a program has been established to find out if children are in fact ready for school.

These programs are mostly sponsored and developed for countries that are not as wealthy or for communities where standards are not as high. This will get kids ready for school and it will prevent kids from staying back, so any emotional harm will be prevented.


Preparing your child for school

Kids don't actually know what to expect from school. For some kids who are ready for anything, they will forget about kissing their parents goodbye and run into the school gates without looking behind them, but most kids don't know what lies in front of them. You can expect a lot of tears before the big day so it is necessary to give them some encouragement so they know what they are dealing with.

Communciate and ask him or her what they are feeling. They may be excited, but at the same time they may be nervous and anxious and this should be raised and dealt with. Take them to the new school and possibly meet the teacher. This is excellent preparation.

school time

Point out the pros and cons. Point out the positive issues and tell them why it is understandable to be nervous at this stage. Tell them that everyone is in the same boat. Give them reassurance. Send a note in their lunch box and don't be late to pick them up or to wait for them at the bus stop.