Toy Safety

Choosing the right toy for your child is important to help them develop; however, ensuring the toys are appropriate for the age of your children is vital if you want to keep them safe. The learning process of children start from the moment they are born and playing with toys is probably one of the most valuable activities during their first years of life, to the extend that they also learn about themselves, how to interact with people around them, the properties and color of objects and at the same time they develop their physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills.


Is Your Child Safe? Toy Safety for Children Up to 12 Months of Age

It is normal to have doubts about toy safety; at the end of the day, keeping your child safe is your priority number one. If you are unsure what are the best toys for your children make sure to read the recommendations before you decide to buy any toy and make sure the material is non-toxic for extra security; it is important to keep in mind that although there are toys based on gender; nowadays there shouldn’t be any preference when choosing them, children will learn from cars, dolls, construction tools, action figures, even electronic toys; providing them with a selection of different toys will help develop their perceptive and rational skills.

Safety Practice and Best Toys for Children Up to 6 Months of Age

Although babies only sleep, eat and do their physiological needs during the first two months, it is vital to prepare them to enjoy sounds, colors and the movements that toys produce; after their first two month of life, babies start to feel curious about the world around them and between four and five they become more active by moving their arms and legs with more vitality, this is the perfect time to introduce a variety of learning toys - the perfect tools to develop their senses of touch, smell, taste, sigh and hearing.

The toys you should select are those with various shapes and vivid colors in order to produce the desired effect on your children – learn through their senses.  Toy safety is fundamental, as this is the stage where they put everything in their mouth, always follow the guidelines and recommendations given, and avoid any toy with loose or small parts, they should also be washable and difficult to break. The best ones are soft stuffed animals, lightweight rattles, activity centers, cot toys, musical toys, soft books, activity mats, mirror for the stroller and colorful teething rings 


Amazon is probably one of the best places to find toys for your kids as they give very clear indications of those that are more appropriate for your child depending on the age, plus you have the opportunity to read reviews from other parents and their experiences. A fantastic toy to help develop their emotional intelligence and at the same time have fun is the Evenflo Delux Developmental Activity Center, Circus, this activity center is packed with all the imaginable learning tools and toys that will put a happy smile on their faces (a mirror, a little book, a circus tent, a monkey toy, a lion toy and many others) it is ideal for your babies as they will get plenty of exercise to strengthen back and leg muscles; it is also perfect for you as it is easy t clean and wash.