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Debt Can Sabotage You Professionally

I-owe, I-owe, so-off to-work I go! With sky-high consumer debt, the average American family is stressed. And for good reason. Debt servicing sucks the vast majority of the life out of our paychecks which means our money is spent before we earn it. So when life happens and stuff comes up, Americans use credit or other forms of financing to bridge the gap. We've become anesthetized by 'affordable monthly payments' and like that proverbial frog, the cycle of debt generation will eventually boil us to death. Okay, maybe not so dramatic, but an ever increasing debt burden can take its toll on our relationships and personal wellbeing.

Anybody working a nine to five can tell you it is easy to feel like a rat-in-a-wheel and when you have an ever deepening hole you can't seem to climb out of, it will affect your attitude in the office. The 'rat-in-a-wheel' syndrome grieves you because you've lost hope in the freedom that working harder can obtain.

To truly understand how our debt can hold us back, we need to examine what the steps to success look like in our specific organizations. In all likelihood, successful people are those who show up early, work like a crazy person, take ownership of their work, and place a great deal of importance on relationships. That's all good and well and you can find that in just about any career self-help book. Unfortunately, the hope that debt stole leaves a vacuum. That means that those steps to success can seem nearly impossible to take. So, if we can't take the steps that successful people are making, then it is almost certain we will come to a career stand-still. Worse yet, we can become complacent and maybe even get fired.

The real victim of your debt is not your wallet The real victim is your hope. Without hope, you will inevitably view your career as a J.O.B. and do the least amount of effort to get by. Without hope, you will feel more and more like that rat-in-a-wheel. That leaves only one thing to do! Get your hope back! Find some resources that can help you get your hope back. It is possible to live a debt free life, and you need to equip yourself with a roadmap to get there. A funny thing happens once you get a plan to get out of debt and start executing it. Your hope comes back, even before the debt is paid off. You will see a shift in your performance and attitude when you go to work because you want to and not because you have to. Odds are good that management will see it too.

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