Does this picture look familiar?

So why do lots of dogs bark for what seems like no reason just like a crazed creature, some sound with good reason yet others rarely ever bark at all? I’ve had the 3 types. Henri is the crazed beast that barks at just about any animal on TV and also out the car window. Bear is generally really good and just barks when he realizes it’s time for a stroll, and then Sadie usually never barked at all (well, she was a Border Collie).

In the event your dog is a bit more like Henri, and less like Sadie,perhaps you have a problem!

There are typically reasons behind all of the barking, and what you need to do is to understand just what these reasons may be. Is he or she stressed when left by themselves, or perhaps will they make an effort to draw attention to themselves.  Do they bark because they’re protective of their possessions, or maybe they simply just love barking!

Consistency is the key

Just as being a parent, you must be steady and crystal-clear in what you expect. It is important to put into play what it is that you’re trying to train him. Much like with anything else you’re training them to do, you can’t begin doing one thing on Monday, and then let him get away with it on Tuesday and Thursday. You can’t merely holler at him or her from another room as he is going nutty with the TV.

When your hound barks to get your special attention, it's important for you to learn how to pay no heed to him as well physically walking away from him. Do not provide him with any kind of recognition whenever he barks (not even unpleasant recognition) and hopefully he's going to, at some point learn that his attitude just isn't getting him what he’s looking for. To reinforce this, only give him special attention if he is calm and peaceful. This particular training technique is generally known as the process of extinction and will work over a duration of time provided that you are slow and steady.

One more thing to keep in mind when you’re at home with him, and the occasion dictates, is to try and attempt to keep him or her on an indoor lead so that you know what he’s doing continually and you can snag him or her just before he launches in to a barking episode. Pick him up (in the event that he’s smaller) and shut his mouth or you might want to try a head halter - which lightly draws the dog's head up, shutting his or her mouth. As soon as he stops barking and calms down, pop him with a small treat, even it’s just a “Good Dog” hug and snuggle.

When you’re not at home and your four-legged friend barks insanely, there’s very little you can actually do unless you fit him with an anti-bark dog collar that sends out either an electric or ultrasound zap or vibration. Me personally, I’m not very attracted to these although I have heard some good stories with regards to the citronella oil collars, which deliver a safe and natural spray that is triggered by means of barking.

A lot of pooches get extremely disturbed whenever left home on their own, and rebel by barking non-stop. If so, your pet ought to be treated for Separation Anxiety which can often turn out to be the actual root cause of their incessant barking. Backyard dogs who bark relentlessly, may need to be suited up for a muzzle, or that you may just need to take him away from his or her current conditions and bring him inside your home.

Happily, with persistence and consistency,  together with behavior modification techniques, you ought to be capable of making your four-legged friend an even better (and quieter) member of the population!