Finding out that your girlfriend has been cheating on you is like getting hit in the stomach with a ton of bricks. All of the emotions that will end up going through you will put you on an emotional roller coaster.

What is worse than catching your girlfriend cheating on you, is when it happens and you DON'T even know it. Ouch!

Cheating happens. Although you might like to think that it could never happen to you, the fact remains that people will cheat on each other from time to time, and sometimes, the one being cheated on is the LAST to know.

If you don't know what the signs of cheating are, how can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

More than likely, you have arrived at this article because there is a part of you that is suspicious that she might be creeping on you behind your back. I know, that would be tough to deal with, but what would you rather have happen?

Would you rather have your girlfriend play you and creep out behind your back?

Probably NOT.

Here are some signs that your girlfriend just might be cheating on YOU:

1. She starts to act more and more distant from you, like she would rather not be bothered to spend time with you at all.

Anyway that you look at it, your relationship is doomed if this is what she is doing. Now, she might not necessarily be cheating, but the potential is there for her to do so. If your girlfriend acts like she wants to be more and more distant from you, you might want to start paying attention.

2. She seems to be interested in developing friendships with men.

I am not trying to suggest that your girlfriend should have NO male friendships at all, but if she suddenly seems to get an interest in having more guy friends than usual, you can take a guess as to what she might be thinking. More often than not, when you see your girlfriend become friends with guys at a pace that is not normal for her, she just might be creeping around on you.

3. She does not want to talk about any relationship things anymore.

Women love to talk about relationship things. I know, that's a little politically incorrect, but it's the cold hard truth. And if she does not want to talk about these things anymore, then there might be a good reason for this. She might not be planning on having YOU in her future for much longer.

Of course, these are not guarantees that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but if more than one of these examples seems to ring true for you, you definitely might want to look a little deeper. Even if she is not cheating on you, there might be some relationship issues that need to be resolved.