How to Catch a Partner Cheating Online

Nobody wants to be cheated on, and everybody thinks that they can trust their partner, however wide spread internet access has made infidelity even easier than it used to be. Today we're discussing the issue of online affairs, what the warning signs are, and what you can do. So, if you're getting worried that something's going on, here's all you need to know about online cheating.

Why it's Just So Easy

The prevalence of online data sites has made finding a partner in infidelity simple. There are even sites that are specifically designed for married people to use to find someone to cheat with. And, of course, tracking internet use isn't always exactly easy. Given that online cheating doesn't have to mean hurried phone conversations, and can just mean quiet online chats, catching someone in the act is tough. So what are you looking for?

Changes in Behaviours

If your partner used to be in bed with a book at nine o'clock but is now sitting up until eleven on the family computer, then online behaviour has changed. This is a key sign that something's going on. It could be a simple gaming addiction, or even gambling, but it's equally likely that there could be an online affair going on. Watch out for other online behaviour changes. Using the internet at unusual times is a good sign, as is a change in posting behaviour. If Facebook status updates used to be once a day, and are now five times a day or once a week, then online behaviour has obviously changed and there may be something afoot.

That New Mobile Broadband Dongles...

Looking for new internet hardware can mean that there's an internet connection that you don't know about. Something like a  mobile broadband dongle that you've never seen before turning up in a coat pocket could mean that your partner is using a connection without your knowledge. Unfortunately, services like mobile broadband have made using a computer without having to use a home internet connection or leave suspicious history on a smart phone, incredibly easy. Mobile broadband means that the user has constant internet access through something like a  broadband dongle that's the size and shape of a USB flash drive and can be used on any computer. Watch out for things like this that could indicate a new internet connection.

Bills and Finances

If things that have been open to you have suddenly become closed to you, then that could mean that there's something going on to. Remember that many mobile phone companies and internet companies no longer have to send paper bills through the mail, dealing with electronic statements and/or direct deposit. This will, of course, make it easier to cover up activity. But if you regularly got to read a joint bank statement and now you don't, that could mean that there are things on that statement that you're not supposed to see.

Phone Behaviours

Having a smart phone obviously means that you can have an internet connection pretty much anywhere and nobody thinks twice about someone using their phone all the time these days. But you might want to look for changes in smart phone behaviour too. Suddenly never leaving a phone unaccompanied is a good sign. If that mobile even has to go into the bathroom during shower time it could mean that there's something that you're not supposed to know about. And sudden over eagerness to answer messages and instant chat notifications as soon as they come is another good sign.

He's Changed...

Finally, look for attitude changes. Just because your partner's cheating doesn't mean that he or she is going to become distant or unloving towards you. In fact, just as often, a partner becomes more attentive and more loving whilst cheating because of guilt; if you're suddenly getting flowers twice a week, or there are more romantic gestures than their used to be, then you might want to get a little worried...

What Can You Do?

Should you think that your partner's cheating, the first thing that you should always do is to communicate. By talking to your partner they will become aware of your worries and may be able to put your mind at rest. After all, it's perfectly possible that there is absolutely nothing going on at all, and you're over reacting. If a conversation with your partner does not calm your fears, then you might want to start looking into other methods of finding out what's happening. The first step in this process should be a simple internet history check. The internet history should give you a list of sites that have been visited, giving you some kind of idea of what your partner has been doing online. Don't just look for obvious dating sites. Also look for things like email sites that you don't know about, or online log in names or email addresses that are unusual. This will often be enough to let you know whether or not there's been any suspicious activity. If an internet history is blank, that means that it has been deliberately cleared, and that's a pretty suspicious sign. If you're not yet satisfied, there are other options. You can download software that allows you to track key strokes, for example. However, these solutions are often technologically complicated, and unless you're tech inclined, you may require some help. If possible, you can check mobile phones as well; looking at messages, though a smart cheater will remove read messages. But you can also check call history to see which numbers come up.

Should You Snoop?

You might feel guilty about snooping, and that's what this is. But in the end, being moral is fine, but if you're marriage or relationship is at stake, do you now have the right to know? A sensible conversation should always be your first step, and you should try to deal with this in as grown up a manner as possible. However, if you're not getting the answers that you need, then online tracking could let you get the information that you deserve to know...

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