Is your writing like the Gospels?

There are a lot of books that have been written about motivation. Do they really work? That is debatable. Writing comes in different forms. It can be entertaining, motivational, depressing, fictional, etc. If you can think of it, there is someone out there who has written about it. How many of us would love to write a book or an article that will still be valid in the next 2000 years. It does take a lot to write such a powerful book or article. It took about forty people to write the complete bible over a period that spans more than a thousand years. Most of them didn't live long enough to see the fulfillment of what they wrote about. That is not what we are going to deal with. We don't have a thousand years to play with. Could you write an article similar to the Gospels? Let us see what you can do to write something similar.

Love: The gospel is about love for mankind, so you need to put a bit of love in your writing. Love is easy to write about if you actually feel it. If you have love all around you, you will not find it that hard to express. If it is difficult, you might have to learn to cultivate love. Try to work at having a hobby or a pet. The affection and everything you put into your pet or hobby will transpire in your writing. You cannot give what you don't have. Some people have been able to fake it but that is a different story. You cannot keep on pretending forever.

Miracles: If you don't believe in miracles, you will need to start. You can write about a miracle you've heard about, or witnessed. It doesn't have to be awe inspiring but nevertheless it has to be captivating. An example will be a plane crash where no one died or was injured. That is a miracle because not many people have gone through a plane crash and lived to tell the tale. Recently a Dutch boy survived a plane crash in Libya while the rest perished. People are perplexed by the event and some believers cry a "miracle". Statisticians are trying to work out the odds of that happening. If you don't have a logical explanation it must be a miracle. So get your pen out and start writing. Oh that is old fashion. Then get out your shiny new iPad and start writing.

Star: Jesus is the star of the gospels, so you need to find one for your book or article. It could be a star from a humble beginning. It doesn't have to be a Hollywood celebrity style. It has to be simple but with a lot of sparkle. Take the example of mother Theresa or Susan Boyle. These two should give you an idea of what you should look for. A star doesn't necessarily have to be a hero. A hero is more like a soldier in a war zone who manages to save the lives of his comrades. You need something more! Your star should have that thing the French call "je ne sais quoi"

Heavenly Link: Message from heaven through angels can also be found in the gospels. You have to write in a way that your readers would feel that heavenly inspiration. At times we all read an article on the internet and thought, well, that is god sent. That is exactly what I needed. It can be an "how to" article or a dealing with chronic disease. Your readers need to feel that heavenly connection. It is just like the E.T finger!

Spread the Word: The disciples of Jesus went to every corner of the known world to spread the good words. After writing your article you need to spread the good word. You could publish a link on twitter, facebook, shetoldmeso, diggit or on other sites.

Scrolls: In the time of the gospels, people carried around scrolls until the codex was invented. The scrolls were like the handheld computer of today. You could compare it to the new apple iPad. Get one of those and start writing. By the way not everyone could afford to buy a scroll in the days of Jesus. The most would go to the temple and listen to the words of God. Not everyone today can afford an iPad. You could still use your old laptop. As long as it has got an internet connection, you should be fine

Share the Joy: There was only one message in the gospel, but 4 writers took turns to give us more insight. Each wrote from different perspective and added more details. You could write and reference other works, articles, and expand on what you have read to provide a new twist to the same story. You could write about what you experienced and how you feel differently about it. This will be in contrast to what the majority feel about the same issue. You experienced it and you are allowed to feel that way.

Disciples: Jesus had disciples and apostles. What is the difference, there were thousands of disciples but only 12 apostles. You need to have fans, friends that link to your articles. They will be a source of encouragement for you to keep writing.

Tragedy: Jesus was assassinated. You need to add an element of tragedy and drama to your writing. Why do you think thrillers are sometimes bestsellers? Have you seen the movie "The Passion Of Christ"?

Joy and Hope: Jesus was resurrected after a few days. Your article doesn't need to be overtly depressing, you need to give hope and turn a sad story around, giving it a happy ending. People just love happy endings.

Derivatives: make money writing articles about the cross, the virgin Mary, father Christmas, mother Christmas, etc. You can translate this to writing about how you and only you feel about Adsense. Write about how it felt to receive your first payout. Tell the world what you did with your money. Just write about any derivative that comes with your writing experience.

I hope you are now ready to write the Gospels According to…